Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


If you're not living under a rock, and do keep tabs on MSM (Mainstream/Corporate/Zionist Media), then you've surely witnessed the endless coverage of the Khashoggi murder/assassination. 

It is like a scene from a very VERY bad Hollywood B-Movie, where the Saudi Journalist--- supposedly outspoken critic of the Saudi (Sociopathic) Monarchy/Regime--- was allegedly deceived into entering the Saudi Embassy in Turkey, however his end/fate was awaiting him in the form of a group of psychopath mercenaries. As reports have emerged gradually, details of Khashoggi's demise are made public, where he was interrogated, then subsequently killed in cold blood fashion, dismembered, and his remains remain unknown... Horrific barbaric savagery is one way to mildly put it. Wouldn't expect anything less from the Saudi Wahabi Salafi Psychos! (FYI: these dudes ain't Islamic in the least bit, they're doing a huge disservice to Islam by calling themselves Muslims-- another issue, another time)

Sources from the US Intelligence Community have anonymously revealed the orders to murder/assassinate Khashoggi came from the highest levels of the Saudi Regime, namely the crown prince MbS (Mohammad bin Salman). Incidentally, there's been an outpouring of international condemnation- mainly from Western Nations, but strictly in the form of words, NO ACTIONS TAKEN WHATSOEVER to reprimand the Saudi government for their direct/indirect involvement in this sickening brutal murder. Western Nations- mainly US, Canada, UK, Germany, France- will continue to SELL MILITARY ARMS to and keep buying Oil from the Saudis, so they (Saudi Arabia) can continue their illegal siege of the impoverished famine-stricken nation of Yemen. This is so disgusting and nauseating, I'm having a hard time keeping my lunch in my stomach. Funny how these Western Nations want to stand and be revered as beacons of human decency and protectors of international laws, yet they all are part of the world's largest death cult, the Military Industrial Complex. 

Saudi Arabia continues to be part of the United Nations Human Rights Council... I SHIT YOU NOT, the country that still beheads people and has public lashings/stonings and executions, is part of the Human Rights Council.... What in the ACTUAL FUCK?!?!? 

SIDENOTE: How come Western journalists continue to completely ignore and/or gloss over Saudi Arabia's illegal seige/war on Yemen, where hundreds of thousands of lives are suffering and dying, many of them innocent CHILDREN/INFANTS, but those lives apparently do not really matter that much to be worth reporting on as was the life a single Saudi-American Journalist???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Oh yeah, unless you're an elitist favouring the zionist globalist agenda of satanist world order, then YOU DON'T FUCKING MATTER. That's why.

Back to the subject at hand... Khashoggi and the (selective) outrage of Western Media and Western Powers. They are all up in arms (pun intended) that the Saudis murdered a critic of the monarchy/regime, however when it comes to Julian Assange, who himself has put his LIFE ON THE LINE for humanity's sake in order to expose the rampant corruption of the United States and other Western Powers, they're quick to label him a 'traitor', 'enemy of the state' and want his expedient trial/arrest. 

Wait... So... on one hand, you're all supposedly mad at Saudi Arabia for murdering an outspoken journalist 'critical' of the government, but also at the same time, you want to lock up Julian Assange for doing the same thing as Khashoggi did (actually, Assange went even further and released thousands of pages of documents AS PROOF the government are CORRUPT AF) ??? 

For those who don't know who Julian Assange is, briefly, he is the editor in chief at the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, and has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London UK for the last 6-7 years (as of the date of this posting)... The man has not been able to smell fresh air, set foot outside the embassy, and is basically imprisoned because if he'd ever leave the embassy, British Police will immediately handcuff him and hand him over to their US counterparts. He's already living in a prison-like sentence (minus the prison cell and guards so to speak), yet, the US is keen on prosecuting him for bullshit reasons -pardon my direct straightforwardness- because Assange was exposing the corrupt system we're living in. 

Western Imperial Powers' sense of 'justice' is undeniably illogical. You cannot harshly condemn one nation for silencing dissident journalism yet also be ones pulling the same shit against another whistleblower dissident journalist. That's HYPOCRITICAL to say the least. Downright astonished more people aren't outraged by their 'elected' officials' selective outrage. Fuck Mainstream Media, and Fuck Politics, both are the long reaching tentacles of the Zionist Globalist Satanist Rothschild Bankers Cabal anyways. Not surprised by any of this, are you?

Unless our own western governments guarantee Julian Assange his freedom, through unfettered unconditional clemency, then they have absolutely forfeited their right to accuse and/or admonish and/or condemn Saudi Arabia  --or any other nation for that matter--- for their human rights violations. 

SIDENOTE: Imagine if you will, if Syria or Iran for example, pulled the same stunt that Saudi Arabia did... It'd be non-stop calls for regime change and pre-emptive wars, and fear-mongering on every corporate-owned news channel, but good ol' oil-rich military-weapons-buying maniacal sociopaths Saudi Arabia are the allies and good guys. HOORAY FOR WESTERN HYPOCRISY!!! 

Peace, 1LOVE, and always in all wayz...


Thursday, July 5, 2018


The AntiChrist is known as The Great Deceiver.  So good at Deceit, he'll fool even the best of Believers. 

#WWG1WGA, 'Where We Go One, We Go All' -a perfect example of sheep herd mentality or "hive mind' mind control--, not if that One (Q) is part of the AntiChrist Mechanism of Sophisticated Deception. People are so desperate for a 'Hero', that they will deny and refuse obvious reality and facts, they'll see whatever they want to see, and if you try to make them see through the facade, they'll attack and hate you for it. 

Occult Mystery Societies (like Freemasons and Illuminati) are masters of their craft of Infiltration, Subversion, Manipulation, and Deceit. What makes you think that they're not aware of the growing Awakening community of Humanity, and that they actually feel threatened by the increasing levels of awareness?!?! They'll stop at nothing to attack not just our bodies, and souls, but also to trick and deceive our Minds, It's easy for them. They do it all the time through Television Programming, and now they are using a fictitious supposedly godly anonymous online character/persona called "Q anon" to mislead real patriots and True Believers into supporting a zionist puppet/agenda, by making it seem like Q is part of the truth movement and fighting for the republic. Yet, just like how they faked the moon landing, how they orchestrated 9/11 (to start their endless war on 'terror') and carried out so many false flag attacks in the EU, UK AND US, this is yet another exercise in the intelligence agencies psyops cointel programming. Don't take my word for it: DO THE RESEARCH!!! 

It is always, ALWAYS, easier to fool people than for them to see, admit, accept and acknowledge that they've been fooled.

Sophisticated satanist trickery ain't no match for God. God sees all, knows all. All possible outcomes and infinite possibilities, God sees it all. 

So, all this to say, God is Infinitely Great, and no amount of Mossad  deception will ever prevent true Awakened Souls to perceive through the layers and layers and layers of deceitfulness of the AntiChrist/satanist/zionist World Order.

Do not believe me blindly, I do NOT want you to. Many will take the lazy path and totally dismiss this post, honestly, I'm expecting it because well, truth scares people.  Cognitive Dissonance and Denial block most people's Ascension to Higher Consciousness and Deeper Universal Awareness. Alas, many are called... However, only the brave few are Chosen. 

Bless and 1LOVE always.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


The devil always lures those weakest of faith, that's why the hardcore satanist Elites foster godlessness through systemic secularism, atheism, scientism and their methodic infiltration and subversion of religions, to paint God in the most horrific and horrifying ways possible, all in their pursuit to turn this world into their version of "zion", a hellhole of pervasive perversions dominated by their immoral world order in worship of their false god, lucifer...  

The way to counter them is actually very simple, Faith Over Fear (a motto of mine). It means keeping love in one's hearts no matter the odds, and believing in a Pure Divine Guiding Force of Benevolent Creation despite all the hardships we encounter in our lives.  It signifies that everything happens for a reason, which we might not know right away, but that "God" (aka Intelligent Infinity) is Almighty and All-knowing, and life itself is a test of our willingness to choose Faith over Fear, and to foster more Love, Hope and Compassion in the world. 

All the imbalances in the world, many will blame on God, yet it is man-made catastrophes that create so much pain and suffering. Some will say, if there is a God, why doesn't He intervene, and that question is answered simply: How will humankind ever learn to evolve spiritually and attain Higher Consciousness (the next level of our ascension/evolution/density of existence) if the path to Awakened Universal Oneness Awareness is easily handed to us??? So many get bogged down in dogmas they loose sight of the GREATNESS within us, the key to all the mysteries, the same one the satanist try to keep us from tapping into and realizing our fullest potentials... our Spirit, our True Self. 

Whether you see it or believe it or not, there is an ongoing war against 1) our Spirit (fragments of God aka Divine Self-Awareness) and 2) against The one and only Creator God aka Infinite Divine Consciousness, (((they- the satanists))) will do everything possible in their power within their limits to deceive the masses, and sadly, many, SO MANY, will fall for it or have already fallen for it, mainly because they're not able to differentiate nor distinguish God's Laws from Man's Flaws and assume religions represent God when religions are mere sets of rules and God is not found through dogmas but through profound self-exploration of the Spirit by journeying deep into the Soul of our Heart. That's why creating more awareness through Universal Love and empowering humanity through knowledge and Higher Consciousness is so crucial, now more than ever.  We all just want a better safer more harmonious world for our children... That's the least we can do for them. 

I want to stress and reiterate: this isn't an attack on atheists, but if you claim to be 'woke' yet still don't/refuse to see the spiritual aspect of the reality we live in, then you're getting played hard by Satanists (their whole agenda is turning people against God, their beliefs are reverse of monotheism, meaning they believer lucifer is god and the God of Abrahamic faiths is the devil, research gnosticism to understand more). Also, even as important, if you are 'woke' but believe your religion is the one and only way to God, you're also being deceived (satanists love turning believers against each other, whether they be of same or different faiths). 

God is Universal Oneness Love, any spiritual path that leads you away from that, is ungodly. A religion is merely a set of rules, God is beyond religions, don't confuse the two. Having & Keeping Faith doesn't require religion, but believing in a religion should require faith, yet sadly many practice like robots, repeating words they do not feel nor understand, out of fear, not out of love. Hence my motto: FAITH over fear. Believe with all of your heart, mind and soul, through universal love, and that's how you overcome satanists and slowly gradually shift the collective oneness of humanity's consciousness towards more light and harmony in our world.  

One Love and always in all wayz,

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


It is VERY SAD & DEEPLY DISTURBING how heavily-indoctrinated Zionists treat TRUE GOD-FEARING JEWS: that's the real ugliness of the hateful racist supremacist radical ideology of Zionism, that's blatant ANTI-SEMITISM (just because these Jews want to defend the holy sanctity of their religion according to God's laws), if you want to use the distorted definition of the term. Semites are HEBREWS as well as ARABS, it is not a reference to any specific religion, rather a linguistic grouping of languages in a specific regional area. But I'll be considered 'anti-semitic' just for saying that. FUCK'EM. I'm One with the Endless Source of Infinite Love, The Source of Oneness Consciousness, GOD, so they can say whatever they want, GOD KNOWS ALL, and He knows what's in my heart.

God Bless all FREEDOM FIGHTERS and REVOLUTIONARIES, regardless of their religion or 'race'. ONE LOVE!!!

SIDE NOTE: I don't support or condone BLIND FAITH either. God doesn't want blind believers, He wants Awakened Souls.  

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Opposing APARTHEID, OPPRESSION, RACIAL INEQUALITY AND INJUSTICE, and DEFENDING HUMAN RIGHTS and STANDING UP FOR HUMANITY is NOT ANTI-SEMITIC. What's truly ANTI-SEMITIC is the ZIONISTS who oppress, slander, vilify, mock and ostracize TRUE JEWS who DENOUNCE the racist supremacist radical ideology of Zionism. 

Seriously, what's the difference between ZIONISTS who believe they're owed the entire world and that everyone else was created to serve them and that they shouldn't be held accountable for any of their crimes and are NOT subject to the same laws as the rest of us versus the "NAZIS" who thought Aryans were the superior race, that their blood was the purest and that saught dominion over the entire planet?!?! Insulted? Triggered? GOOD. Start researching COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, because chances are, you've been brainwashed and indoctrinated your entire life to believe you're hated because of whom you are, but truth is, Anti-Zionism is being opposed to the TYRANY, RACISM, INJUSTICE and LACK OF ANY MORAL VALUES that Zionism represents. 

Not all Jews are Zionist, and not all Zionists are Jews. Remember that. There are also CHRISTIAN Zionists, even Hindus. Don't let them tell you you're a 'self-hating Jew' because you refuse to blindly follow a false doctrine that is actually satanist at its core. God is LOVE, and anything that doesn't spread love, increase love, teach love, or heal with love, than it is ungodly and you should stay as far away from it as possible.