Saturday, April 16, 2011


I miss the days when artists/singers/bands made masterpieces with meaningful music... All I hear these days is (mostly) Trash.... "Be a Hoe, Have Lots of Sex, Go Party, Dance Till the End of the World..." That is basically and essentially the recurring message in most -if not all- of today's pop-cultured songs. 

Signs of the Times or I'm getting more Mature... Either way, I can't f*ck with the Mainstream anymore.

It's very difficult for me, as a Producer (and formerly as an MC), to witness what I do.  To know soooooo many incredibly-talented and creatively-gifted aspiring artists, yet sadly, I know deep down, because they're not willing to sell out their soul or sacrifice their integrity, they won't go as far as others who're willing to do whatever, become record label slaves, puppets of secret societies, all in the name for Fame & Fortune.

Real Music is still around, and can be discovered, maybe at your local pub, some whole in the wall, or maybe even in a video on YouTube, but because they don't have the financial resources to invest in marketing & promotion, most of us will probably never hear of them.  Instead, we'll get crap aired to us on the Radio, or whorish materialistic superficial images projected to us through the medium of music videos.

Don't get me wrong, not all mainstream is bad, there are some decent acts still around.  However, they are few and far in between.  They won't get the same rotation on radiostations or music channels as the next artist who's music promotes a faith-less lifestyle.

Maybe that's why I started The Familia Univerzel Mixtapes, to give REAL MCees the opportunity to garner more exposure and grow their fanbase.  I believe in EACH and EVERYONE of the LYRICAL WARRIORS that I personally (and very carefully) select.  Nonetheless, even though they're all unique and amazingly skilled lyrically, with flow and potent messages, it's very tough to compete for people's attention, when we have to face off against the likes of Lil'Wayne, who apparently is the best rapper out now (say whaaaat?!?! - Yea, I know, it's F*cked Up).  Standards are not the same anymore, we value images more the messages.  

Nonetheless, I gotta keep doing what I does, fed up with what I hear, and hoping to inject some REAL MUSIC back into the commercially-diluted music industry.  Hopefully, God-willing, it'll pay off, with more and more people tuning in and downloading our completely FREE mixtapes.  We do it in the name of LOVE for Hip-Hop and because We Are more than a series of Mixtapes, WE ARE A MOVEMENT.

and always in ALL ways...