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If You're Not a Micro Chip (yet), Read This.

Dec 19, 2007.

Dear God... I write because I am trying to understand what's going on in this world. I see so much corruption, evil, tyranny, disgusting vile acts of pure cannibalism, yet... yet.... No One Seems to Care. Actually, I lie... Very Few seem to Care.

I think I might come across as crazy to some people cuz I believe in God so much, to that point that I think I seem like I'm in my own little bubble. As much as I am perfectly comfortable in my solitude, I know deep down that there's nothing like knowing I am not alone in this world... by communicating, sharing and exchanging Thoughts and dialog with another Soul Being... a Human Being.

Wow... here I am doing that, with somebody out there, though it seems like I am typing to a bunch of microchips. I guess as evil internet can be, it can still be used for good. A portal to the entire world. Here's an analogy for people that doubt we have a Soul or that God does exist.
Like internet is for us, Our Soul is to God. I'll let you ponder that... no, this ain't 'high talk' either ;-)
To elaborate, Just like the internet is our personal portal to the rest of the world, our Soul is God's portal to Our World. That's why when we die, our world ends, our Soul leaves our body and returns to God, awaiting Judgment Day, and the Consequence of our actions undertaken during the span of our life here on Mother Earth.

Once again I stress the importance of Choice. We choose our Fate in the after-life.

Look around you... Look at the holocaust in Palestine. I'm Human enough to admit that Terrorism has no place in the pure message of Islam, my Jewish brothers must do the same. Realize how misled Zionism is, just like how Radical Fundamentalism is. Both are one and the same. Perversion of God's Holy Message of Love, Unity, Justice & Freedom. If you're going to sell me the idea that blowing up innocent people is acceptable by God, you're only fooling yourself. Parallel to that is Zionism... if you're going to tell me that the destruction of Family's homes, children's schools, ill people's hospitals is the Word of God, you are also fooling yourself. And those who perpetuate or aid in furthering that work of evil are only choosing their sad demise.

So, go ahead... hate me, mislead yourself by calling me Anti-Semitic. (Biggup Brother Chamz-Dean for enlightening me about this by the way). Do people really know how unoffensive it is to call an Arab, Anti-Semitic??? They're actually just describing what we're not. We Are Semitic, meaning we come from the ancient family of tribes of Semites, which comprised Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Akkadian, Ge'ez, Hebrew, Phoenician, Maltese, Tigre and Tigrinya among others (Source: Interesting how it says Hebrew, not Jewish. For some strange reason, Anti-Antisemitism has become a synonym for Anti-Jewish. Who controls the media? Not Jewish people. Zionists do, this is the proof. Are you beginning to see the 'bigger' picture yet? Evil that is so deceiving it is using religion to do its bidding. It is the duty of Muslims to speak up against Terrorism, as much as is it the duty of Jewish people to speak up against Zionism. God doesn't want us to kill each other in the name of some piece of land, especially if this piece of land is considered Holy... in other words, a place of Purity not Bloodshed, of Peace and Justice not of Wars and Oppression.

I am looking at evil dead in the eye. I am not afraid of it. I have God's love in my Heart, Our Prophets' Courage in my Soul, and the complete and utter conviction that Heaven is where I want my Soul to go. Who's gonna stop me? George Bush? FBI? Negative self-hating Haters? They are more of motivations to me than they are roadblocks to getting to the heart of our human society... each and every one of you.

Reading this may lead you to question a lot of things, but it should confirm you're most deepest doubt, the one that is slowly breaking the fabric of Humanity and turning us back into savages... Faith in God.

Biggup to Karl Wolf & Arabesque, not only are these guys talented, but their music is refreshing, even for me... which is very rare in this day and age of over-commercial super-materialistic mind-numbing propaganda.

Wolfy mixes it up the Middle East slash Lebanese way with 'Bite the Bullet', soothing flows of elegant harmony. Now, I am beginning to wonder, is Nutella the reason behind his creative creations, or his ingenious skills... or both. Either way, it's perfect for cruising with your boo by your side, or getting ready to hit the clubs.

Big Besque packs a funkalicious™ soulful punch with his 'Hang Your Heroes'. A mix of groovy rap tunes, loungy yet upbeat and thought provoking, Aramaic (as he is also known as) is setting himself apart from other MC's. Creating his own trend, and not to mention his own following of loyal Besque-ians, this dude is original all the way. Entertaining rhythms, perfect for parties (Nature's Phone with Melanie Durrant & Slakah... oh la la, Martini Song for my Martini Sippers).

Two new tracks from upcoming album up on MySpace.
BELIEVE, a Proph.It The Blessed MC materpiece collabo staring Montreal's hidden treasure, MC Chamz-Dean and Colombia's blessed Reggae breddren, Mighty Kalipssus. What happens when a Balad meets Hip-Hop? Musical Magic.

LAST ONE LEFT, a MoeCa$h solo track, less intense than usual, still rugged, but very honest. Nothing more I could say about it other than it is a part of my Soul in MP3 format.

Both Tracks are available for your listening pleasure at

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