Saturday, January 5, 2008

The World Needs a Leader, not another Politician (A Message to the American People)

The American Elections coming up should not be seen or treated as a joke.

Not only will this election determine the fate of Americans, but the entire world too. Who is the main 'superpower' at this moment? U.S.A. If you weren't sleeping in the last couple of decades or so, you would realize just how much American Domestic & Foreign Policies affects everyone, not just Americans.

The U.S. Government is being swallowed by Neo-Cons & Zionists (i.e. a group of people that use religion to push a secret agenda in order to achieve power and control-- sounds somewhat familiar, no?) that put some foreign country's interests ahead of those of it's own American Citizens. If you do not even see this, or maybe even think that it's some crazy 'conspiracy theory', you're a living in denial my friend. Pay close attention. Why aren't any of the candidates being asked how they will end the fighting in Israel? I believe both Hebrews and Arabs deserve to live in peace and coexist, yet as heated as that region of the world is, I have not heard (and you can correct me if I am wrong) a single peep about the strife in Israel-Palestine.

Since the U.S. Foreign Policies seem to dictate America as some 'World Police', over-riding the tenets and responsibilities of the United Nations (which is useless , thanks to the VETO), either America steps up to the plate and does a good honest job of maintaining peace abroad and at home... or, re-structure the U.N. so it is fair and transparent across the board for all it's members.

What does all this have to do with the War in Iraq you say? Well, it seems like most of the American Population is easily swayed -be it distracted- by political maneuvering of redirecting the people's attention to issues that won't go against the interest of a group of Elites, Neo-Cons and Zionists (i.e. note this is NOT an attack on Jewish people, I did not say Jewish, I said Zionists, there is a clear difference which you will discover once you do some research). However, Americans should realize that the War in Iraq should be THE number one concern, because that is where it's causing the American economy a lot of unnecessary woes. Think about it, why does it seem like the American economy is heading towards recession? Well, borrowing money from an Asian country to pay for this costly war (as costly in lives as in money, but lives are worth so much more) could probably be the case. The army, they are paid officers too, they are not putting their life in the line of danger for free. Of course it is to defend the ideas that's been sold to them (literally SOLD to them), but who's pocket is it coming out of? The President's? The Vice-Prisedent's? The Secretary of State's? Think hard but you don't need to because it is coming out of our pockets. Everyone around the world is paying for this war. Inflation, rising cost of gas prices, increasing cost of living, mortgages rates going up and taxes, where do you think these resulted from? The economy is not slowing down, it's drying up along with all the resources of this planet that we're excessively consuming. Brink of collapse? Many financial analysts will debate over that but some of their insight is shortened by their views of the global spectrum of this problem, the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel-Palestine, that affect us all.

Now I am not saying that the War in Iraq is the only thing that's messing up the economy, but that it plays a larger role than most people think it does. Don't get fooled by politicians this time around. They are in the game of seeking authority over the population, in order to govern (control) their respective country, but what Americans should look for is not another politician, but an honest Leader who will Represent the People to the best of his or her fullest capacity. Leaders are harder to find, because most of the time, their voices are silenced... sometimes, sadly to say, by force. Politicians are a dime a dozen, but Leaders are rare since not everyone (or every politician as a matter of fact) have Leadership skills. Politicians are made, whilst Leaders are just born that way.

My message to the American population who plan to vote (and anyone who is eligible to vote should do so), is to look for and choose a Leader this time around because the last politician (i.e. the current 'head of state') screwed up a lot of things not just around the world but for Americans too.

God Bless the Whole World, may peace, justice, righteousness & equality prevail in 2008.