Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Disgusted by the American Elections (Primaries) so far...

This ain't a diss on Americans, this is a Diss against the Delusional System that has become the Norm in Elections...

It always starts off by ton of Candidates, who all have great ideas to save America, promote America, defend America, preach America, talk walk sleep eat breathe America.... That's Great, That's Just Wonderful... but America is in poor shape and I don't think the people even realize it. Supposedly the most advanced country in the world is having 'economic issues' or is that just a bunch of lies to distract people from what's really going on around them??? The intense scrutiny of honest peace-loving people? The sensationalism escapism they feed people's minds through the tel-a-lie-vision ... television (props to Mighty Kalipssus™ for comin' up with that one)? The constant barrage of misinformation of truth and useless headlines about hollywood stars??? I mean, WTF has the country come to? And this is the model of democracy that they want to place in Iraq? In Afghanistan? This is the model of freedom they're so proud of??? I mean, yes, you do have tons of opportunities in the States, but at what cost??? The cost of mental slavery? The cost of spiritual depravity? The cost of giving away personal privacy for more fear in exchange?!?!?!?!? Isn't anybody seeing what's going on?!

Today, I open the braindraintube™ and all I hear is Hillary won, Hillary this Hillary that... Wow, A Round of Applause for Truly Misrepresenting how Women Genuinely Are. I'm not hating on the Sister, but damn why she gotta make women (or a human being for that matter) look like they'd steep to any level to get what they want??? Correct if I'm wrong, but THAT AIN'T A GOOD THING, is it? I want to hear more about how either of the candidates will Lead America back to its Roots of Balance between Power & Humility, Strength & Mercy, LIBERTY & JUSTICE. I want to hear about what they'll do next in Iraq to give the country back to its people, and let US solve our problems: It's wrong otherwise! How would Americans liked if the French interfered with their democracy? Or if Canadians decided who would be the next American President? Or if --- well, you should get the point now of what I'm trying to say. At least, I pray you do.

Less Trash Talk.
More Intelligent Communication Please.
Stop treating Americans (or the world) as sheeps
Start Treating the People as You Would Treat Yourself, with Integrity, Sincerity and RESPECT!


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