Monday, June 30, 2008

Iran To Ready Thousands Of Graves For Enemies

As the world turns, the world burns, cuz Humankind NEVER Learns. NEVER.

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Bush Signs Bill To Take All Newborns' DNA

This is Seriously Fucked Up. Worst part is, the people are just gonna let this happen. Welcome to Big Brother's World, so don't blame God if your Children become Genetic Experiments one day, BLAME YOURSELVES!

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Russell Simmons & D.E.F. (Diamond Empowerment Fund)

Russells' latest blog from his Journey to Africa, truly inspiring. We need more Simmons in this world.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Warren G Arrested On Drug Charge In L.A.

Police say the 35-year-old rapper was arrested early yesterday (June 8) after being pulled over for a red light violation. Officer Karen Smith says marijuana was found in the vehicle... SO WHAT?! The President's worst, he's put more people's lives in danger and caused more chaos, yet they out arresting Rappers cuz they wanna smoke N chil..?!?!

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Immortal Technique: "The 3rd World" Announcement

JUNE 24TH, 2008: Immortal Technique Drops 'The 3rd World', the latest collection of Revolutionary Thoughts From this Revolutionary Rap Artist.

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Nas releases The Nigger Tape and 'Be a Nigger Too' video

Nas, never short of thought-provoking lyricism, is set to drop his most provocative work yet.

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Sean P. Diddy Puff Daddy Puffy Combs NEVER CHANGED HIS NAME

Sean Combs clearing the air about recent allegations that he once again changed his motherf*cking name: calls out all blogkings and blogqueens to turn their attention to getting Americans registered to vote.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A really good business advisor of mine told me something that stuck with me that I wanted to share with yall... She said (yea, it's a she, women got lotta wisdom dudes so lissen to them!): Moe, you're complicating things with this 3-in-1 artist concept you got going on... Simplify it for the people... Focus on one thing..." You know what she was right... I dig when people just tell me the truth, not bullshit me or themselves... see, people that Bushit (typo intended) all the time, are the ones that start wars, cause destruction and havoc all over OUR blessed world... (my bad, did I go too deep there? aight, lemme pull it back a notch or two).... So, getting back to what I was saying...

I am in the process of rebuilding myself up, not just as an artist, but as a businessman, entrepreneur, people motivator, and most importantly, a human being... Everything I'm going thru right now, is God testing me and humbling me... and I'm fully aware of it... I wasn't heading in the right direction... so now, I gotta destroy and rebuild... from scratch, naaah scratch that scratch, from bellow the bottom up!!! Fucked up credit, yea, who doesn't deal with that bullshit nowadays?!?! Credit, the best damn way they can getcha by the balls... LITERALLY. Anyways... I got some beef with the system, which screwed me over and continues to do so cuz I ain't willing to work with it... ah well, Fuck The System... let's Rock, Roll N Soulshine!!!

Respect and...
- Moe-MuthaBlessin'-Cash

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Frank Schaeffer : Why This 55 Year Old Lifelong Republican Wants Obama to Win

Frank Schaeffer describes exactly what makes Democratic Nominee (FEELS GOOD SAYING THAT!) Barack Obama the Best Man For the Presidential Job. *** A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE ***

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The Astonishing White Guilt (Coming To A Theatre Near You!)

Welcome to the summer of white guilt: almost every movie stars a tormented Gen-X or Baby Boomer white guy, who's trying to atone for using his power to the world a worse place. Why isn't Bush in this pack? Oh yea, he lacks a conscious, my bad.

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The Obama Victory Gallery

Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for President. One day, we will be telling our grandkids about this monumental moment in American Politics... and History.

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Clinton Tag Teams With Obama At Pro-Israeli Conference

If all America does is stand by Israel's side, not remaining neutral and objective, it will not -nor ever will- be in a position to mediate between Palestinians & Jews. Consequently, further perpetuating the never ending cycle of conflicts in that volatile region of the world. Are there any unbiased mediators of peace left out there?!

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