Thursday, October 23, 2008

my last love/letter

It has come time to Speak my Peace
So, spiritually I come forth writing this piece
I come because through you, my wisdom has increased
But I guess in God's eyes, our Bond completed its lease

So many months of denying myself the pain,
But now I understand, once I accept it and learn from it, then I gain.
But then again, life is full of non-surprises (i.e. coincidences), there's only one thing that remains the same
Ohhhh.. it took me months to figure how deep this wisdom was and how true it is:
"the only thing constant in life is... Change"

So, as I FINALLY taste my hearts peace of mind and serenity, I am finally embracing this new change in my life
And moving along to God's command and will power, back riddled with scars from spiteful people's knives
Who am I to question God's infinite reasoning and intelligence? Im finally gonna start goin with the flowin
Peace be unto you, your fam, your friends, I pray you do find the one that is destined to be lucky enough to have you, together snowin as you're growin....

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