Friday, January 23, 2009

What we don't know about Obama - Yahoo! News

What we don't know about Obama - Yahoo! News

As quoted from the article above:

We know a lot more about Barack Obama than we did on Election Day. He wastes little time making big decisions. He was serious about surrounding himself with seasoned people, even if they are outsized personalities likely to jostle one another and unlikely to salute on command. He intends to move quickly to put his personal stamp on government and national life.

Yet much about how the 44th president will govern remains a mystery—perhaps even to Obama himself.

Wow... Whomever wrote this article must really have it in for President Barack Hussein Obama cuz all I heard when I read this was more neo-con propaganda, the kind that praised Bush or should I say stayed mute while Bush plunged America into the depth of worldwide humiliation... than they got the nerves and balls to diss President Obama about his new age diplomatic administration--- shiiiit, President Obama has only been in office for 2 muthablessin' days and already gettin' dissed on (why am I not surprised they hatin' on a Brotha already???). Yea, them neocons have nooooooo shame.... none whatsoever. For their information, President OBAMA is only cleaning up the mess their puppet Bush did, so if there's anybody to blame... It's only themselves, so all you neocons out there: Go ahead and give yourselves a big round of applause, y'all earned this one.

That's the Real Talk. But it's okay, cuz we live in a world where freedom of speech is apparently the freedom to say stupidity too... well, apparently so cuz Bush got away with it all the time. Anyways and anywho... Neocons are entitled to their share of opinions, but does it mean we gotta listen to them??? (That's when intelligent people excersize the power of their intellectual non-judgemental fair & balanced mind and say:) NO. And if you happen to read this and get offended, chances are you are a Neo-con and perhaps even enjoy being ignorant too. Ahhhh, it's okay, don't take it personal... it takes all sortsa people to make this muthablessin' world go round... and round... and round again.

So, in short, Peace to you war-mongering haters, may God truly be with you.... cuz the time to shift humanity's course from total oblivion to total redemption is NOW, and the People Are Rising, One By One They Can/Shall/Will RISE... but don't take my word for it... time will tell. And it will tell it soooo well.... I got Faith in God's plans and divine commands, not to mention The Laws of the Universe that we're all and each subject to.


Respect and... always in all ways


p.s.: I might be wrong in guessing or assuming that whomever wrote that article is a Neo-con, they could just very well be very opinionated and extremely critical of people trying to make progress and peace around the world... in a diplomatically intelligent way. Don't be afraid of positive change, be afraid of negative down-talking mind-numbing media, in whichever form it comes in.

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