Monday, November 23, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT ~ ALBUM RELEASE IN 2012 (or maybe sooner)

It's been a long time coming...

I have been working quietly behind the scenes within the music industry for a while now, helping build other artist's careers, promoting them, I've learned many things, I've failed many times, and I've had countless moments of self-realization. During that process, the Universe taught me very important lessons about the world, about L.I.F.E., about myself, about people, about our existence here on this planet and about God.

I have put my own recording projects as well as artistic ambitions on the back burner for far too long, and I'm itching to head back in the studio again. It just so happens, that since I quit smoking, inspiration has been flowing again through my veins, to my brain from my heart & soul. Last time I recorded a track was more than a year or so ago, and it was just a freestyle on a reggae riddim, which I called 'Rize Up'. Although I was satisfied with it, I think it's about time I took it to the next level.

I'm gonna heed to the words of wisdom from many of my closest friends who've always told me the same thing "Moe, you make sick instrumentals... you should just release an album of beats". Well, I don't wanna sound conceded, but I totally agree with them. Except that I know my purpose is to pass on an uplifting message, speak the truth and increase the level of awareness/consciousness in the world. In the coming months, starting this very moment, I will invest as much time and energy as possible into this labour of love, an overdue album which I know will ROCK and SHOCK the World... in a Positive Way, Of Kizzourse.

Seeing that it's never been about me, it's always been about the people whenever I do anything, I will make this whole album creation, production, promotion and distribution process as dynamic as possible by getting YOU, loyal worldwide supporters, involved. I don't know exactly how, haven't figured out that part yet, but it's coming. God blessed me with many creative ideas, and I'm sure I will come up with something inshaAllah very soon.

I want this to be a totally original album from A to Z, from the concept to the presentation (i.e. album cover & design) to the content. I want to thank God for the gift He has granted me, by giving it back to the world in a constructive, meaningful, insightful, uplifting, moving and progressive way.
It will most probably be the ONLY album I will release, because I do not want all the fame, fortune, glitz or glamour of the superstar life. I just wanna enlighten and entertain the world. May God grant me the righteous road in this endeavor, correct me when I go wrong, steer me in the right direction, bring to me people that will enrich this project, and guide me every step of the way. Ameen / Amen.

Oh yea, if you're wondering why I choose the year 2012, given that supposedly (and according to the Mayans) the world will end, well.... I got a feeling that many people will most probably need an uplifting message to inspire courage within them, to help them overcome fear and to bring them closer to God Almighty. I know some unoriginal/uncreative artists will read this and will try to copy me, outdo me or steal my ideas.... but God is Great and All-Knowing, and I know He Knows that I know He Won't Let Me Down, I have utmost Faith in the Creator of the Universe, I trust in His Judgement and I know that He didn't just put this idea in my head for no reason, sooner or later everything shall fall into place and reveal itself, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together... and besides, even though I know there are A LOT of COPYCATS and WANNA-BE'S out thurr, there will always be 1 me, the first & original Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™ a.k.a. M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™

...stay tuned for further updates, your comments as well as constructive feedback will be highly appreciate it.

and always in all ways...

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