Saturday, November 7, 2009

Karl Wolf's new jam "YALLA HABIBI"

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I grew up on the old school flava of R&B, and nobody has been doing as good as K-Dubz when it comes to stayin true to the essence of the genre. That is why from the time I heard tracks off his 1st album 'The Face Behind the Face' I realized that he is a musically-talented brother blessed with much soul & creativity. Also, after attending one of his shows, I realized that the homey has what I call 'The Gift', a combo of voice, an approachable down-to-earth personality, great tunes and crowd-hyping stage presence. Oh and the girls go crazy cuz Wolf got 'Swagga & Style'. But what made me respect Karl Wolf was the fact that he isn't some kinda show-off, he ain't about braggin' and boastin, he's a really chill dude that knows how to make great music, enjoys having fun on stage and loves interacting with his supporters whether it's on stage or on facebook or award shows, he keeps it real all the way. That's my kinda vibe, that's the kinda artist I respect, support & promote.

Since then, he has dropped
'Bite The Bullet' the follow-up album jam-packed with jams, a must-have CD if you plan on cruising with a honey by your side. I personally have hooked up both albums, good musical investment for any iTunes collection.

Wolfy Wolf recently dropped a bangin' new single called
"Yalla Habibi", I totally recommend this gem, I rank it as Very iPodable. Let's push my homey all the way to the top, buy it from iTunes for just 0.99$ it's definitely worth it:

Here's the official vid for the new smash hit "Yalla Habibi" featuring Rime and Kaz Money, enjoy:

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