Thursday, December 31, 2009

THE FINAL POST.... of '09

There's only a few more hours left till we bid farewell and adieu and hasta la vista to the year number Two Thousand and Nine. Looking back, I see humankind facing many struggles, all of which can be won through Faith, through Love, through Perseverance, through Righteousness, through Patience, through Intellectual Civilized Communication, through Knowledge and through Wisdom.

The fight is not against each other, it's uniting ourselves against our common enemy, the devil that infests our minds to do his evil work for him, turning us against each other murdering our own sisters and brothers of humankind. And what for? What do we gain from wars, from corruption, from greed, from oppression, from injustice, from tyranny, from mass murder, from inequality, from starvation, from so much UNNECESSARY BULLSHIT AND DRAMA?!?! When will we all wake up and see that we're all made of flesh and bones, we all have emotions and a heart, we can all FEEL PAIN AND SUFFERING?! The loss of any innocent life is tragedy no matter the color of that person's skin or the language they spoke or which country they lived in...

In any event, I want to end this year on an uplifting note...

Let us learn and apply our knowledge from all of our mistakes throughout history, so we do NOT repeat them, so we can indeed EVOLVE. Let us open our hearts unto each other, let us showcase the beauty of love that LIVES within ALL OF US. Let us not exist in Fear, but Live in FAITH. Let's not get dumbed down by all the stupidity, shallowness, superficiality and materialism they (you should know who I'm talking about by now) try so hard to brainwash us with. Let's all take a responsibility upon ourselves to INFORM ourselves so we may EDUCATE others. Education is not just in schools, it's in all ASPECTS OF OUR LIVES. Let's not divide ourselves over differences, but unite over common ground and our many shared similarities. Let's rebuild the bridges of trust, communication and understanding between people who've been forced by extreme powers to think that they have to hate each other and kill one another. Let's un-do the evil bidding of the devil by INCREASING Love, Faith, Humanity, Righteousness, Self-Respect, Selflessness, Dignity, Nobility, Humility, Good Deeds and Decency... Let's us remember who made us first, from whom we came, and to whom we shall return... God Almighty. Let us not forget that this world is but a trial of our will power and self-control. Let's Live to Love, and Love to Give, and Give to Live. Let's bring KINDness back to HUMANKIND!!!

On that Note... I wish all of my righteous brothers and sisters all over the muthablessin' world, all the best of blessings, health, prosperity, joy, health, happiness, laughter, love, faith and enlightenment for 2010. Thank you each and all for reading The M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles™, and for being part of this journey.

Maximum Love,
Maximum Respect,
and always in ALL ways,