Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last post, I spoke of the Dark Side of Humanity... It's true that since the dawn of time, evil has lurked around instigating all the feuds, problems, beefs, battles, conflicts, corruption, wars, chaos and not to mention infiltrating religious circles to cause rifts, mistrust, anger, bitterness, separation and subsequently: Dividing what should've been 1 Faith for all People that believe in God, creating institutions known as religion that have since been literally jacked for mass manipulation.

Woah.... did I just say all that? YEA, I Guess I Did. I ain't got beef with Religions, I got Beef with the one who distorted them to suit their own global control agenda. That's why now I don't follow a specific religion, but I do abide by the Islamic Faith and practice to the best of my abilities a lifestyle of decency, purity, integrity, compassion, humility, divine worship, meditation, devotion and spirituality. I might deviate once in a while, cuz I'm human but I do my best to be aware and conscious of my actions so I can learn to improve my ways as well as increase my Faith.

In any event, this post ain't about me, it's about Humanity. Let's talk about the BRIGHT Side of Humanity.

The Bright side of Humanity is that WE ARE CAPABLE of Wonderful Things, We are HIGHLY CAPABLE to Overcome Hardships and Suffering, and come Together to Help the Less Fortunate when the Time Calls For it. Good example is most recently the Earthquake relief in Haiti has showcased the Humanity of Humankind, and Kindness of Humanity. We're not Ugly Savages, yea some are born that away I believe, but for the most part, most of us, we are God's children (not that He is our Father literally, but figure of speech).

We can be destructive, just as much as we can be Constructive. We can cause Chaos, just as much as we can cause Order & Stability. Those abilities to be Good are WITHIN US ALL, yet for some, they remain 'dormant', meaning they're not being used. We have tremendous potentials, allow me to elaborate:

We only need to activate our Faith & sync it to God, as well as activate our Spirituality & sync it to the Universe around us. We then connect those two through Devotion by making time for Worship and Meditation. Those are the keys to unlock humanity's exponential potentials. We hold the KEY to our own Salvation within us, all we need to do is look from within, (i.e. introspectively) and see the world through (not only our body's eyes but through) our spirit's eyes: The Soul, The Mind and The Heart. The Soul needs a Connection to God for it to Function, it feeds on Faith, Spirituality & Devotion (the Soul is the Compass of Righteousness, Integrity, Morality & Decency in our Mind, it is our Conscious). The Mind needs a Connection to Wisdom for it to Function, it feeds on Knowledge (The Mind is a Tool to behave in a Civilized Intellectual way, not succumb to lowering ourselves to our basic animal instincts). And Finally The Heart, which needs a connection to LOVE, it feeds on Kindness, Caring and Selflessness for it to function, it not only bumps blood through our arteries & veins, it is a satellite transmitter and receiver of emotions (The Heart is our Guide to Humility and Humanity).

Don't ask how I know all these things... It's a wonder to me, so I credit Allah Almighty for bestowing such information to me that I am able tp share with others. I only hope it all makes sense and it helps my brothers and sisters in humanity in their own struggles.

That being said, The Bright Side of Humanity is Within Us All, we have the Ability, Capability as well as the Capacity to bring about Good unto this world... but once again, it all comes down to: THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND THE POWER TO CHOOSE. It's on us to CHOOSE God over the devil, to choose Good over evil, to CHOOSE respecting life on this earth over destroying it ad wreaking havoc all over the planet, to CHOOSE to be kind & noble over being bloodthirsty and barbaric. God loves us, He has shown mercy on us time and time again, and revealed all the necessary knowledge we need so we can be better equipped at making the right choices. Whether it's our own downfall or redemption, we only have OURSELVES to Blame. God doesn't need to be saved, WE DO.

In any event, please forward this blog post or the entire blog itself to your friends and family, I am hoping to inspire as well as to uplift all my fellow brothers and sisters of humanity... one soul at a muthablessin' time.

On that note...
Peace, Respect
and always in ALL ways...
~ M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™