Sunday, May 30, 2010

ARABESQUE ~ "Understand" (blog + music video)

Biggup to my Brotha from anotha mutha Big 'Besque, a homey I respect for always droppin his own flavour of hip-hop, funk and soul.

Arabesque's not your typical MC, he's not 'bout braggin and boastin', he's bout sharing a story, relaying a message to you, but also speaking about his own life's experiences. Thing is, he does it in a way that's smooth and funky, that you can even jive & bob your head to. Hailing from the T-Dot (that's Toronto for those that don't know the slanguage), he's set to drop another album this June 1st 2010, a conceptual album called "NUCLEAR AMBITION" - where he portrays a 'Peace-Bot' in the not so distant future roaming the earth searching for signs of life (I could be wrong there, but I believe that's the premise). As a fellow MC, I have to say I respect his work, his vision and his originality. Make sure y'all show the Brotha some love & support. Check out his pages:

Link up to his Myspace page - Click Here
Link up to his Facebook group - Click Here
Link up to his Youtube page - Click Here


Consider this:

- ADAM was created from No Man and No Woman
- EVE was created from 1 Man and No Woman
- JESUS was created from No Man and 1 Woman (it would definitely explain his message of 'Unconditional Love')
and finally...
- You and I, and all of HUMANKIND: we were all created from 1 Man (Adam) and 1 Woman (Eve). (except for George W Bush, he came from Monkeys and/or Aliens)

Now the question is: with SO MUCH PROOF AND EVIDENCE ALL AROUND US, why do people still Deny and Doubt God's Existence?! Is it.... Fear of Accepting the Truth or the False Sense of Comfort that Denial brings???... Or Both?!... The more Science tries to disprove God's existence, the more it backfires in scientists' faces and Proves that God DOES IN FACT EXIST. Evidence of his existence be every where, from the tiniest atom to the ever-expanding space all around the universe, and how they all work perfectly together, one thing completing and complementing the other. That perfect order and balance didn't just come outta nowhere, it was CREATED by a CREATOR.... Call Him God or Dieu or Eloh or Allah, it's all the SAME ONE UNIVERSAL GOD For ALL OF US.

That being said: GOD IS GREAT. Nothing Is Impossible to Him, Nothing.


Saturday, May 29, 2010


The quest for knowledge is never ending,
So many people living life pretending,
We should all be searching for more wisdom,
Instead humankind is slowly turnin more and more dumb,
TV suckin intellectuality out of our brains,
While in the real world murders and violence we goin insane,
People lost sight of what's important - They Soul's Salvation!!!
All caught up in excess superficiality and materialism, drownin in their own damnation...
But I got Hope and I got Faith, that with Patience and Perseverance humanity CAN Overcome,
As long as it remembers where (and from WHOM) it came from...
And where we should all be aimin to go, THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM!!!

(C)2010 M.O.E.C.A.S.H.


This is what it sounds like when Lyrical Legends Join Forces: (take note kids, THIS IS REAL MUSIC!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

LOWKEY ~ "RISE & FALL" (music video)


I Got a Heart that Beats with nothing but Love for the Almighty Up Above
This Heart is an Open Garden for all that wanna seek refuge from this world's hardships
A Sanctuary of Sanity, away from all the materialistic vanity & sexual profanity...
I got a Heart that Beats LOVE non stop till the day God calls me back UP

This Heart has been battered and bruised, fucked up and used...
Nonetheless, no matter the strain and pain it's been through, it still beats for YOU
Each heartbeat is a prayer for humanity, a prayer asking God for forgiveness & mercy
I Got a Heart that can't stop loving, it overflows with this emotion of higher devotion....

My Heart is an Art.... My heart is an Ear... My Heart is always ready to Hear....
Scarred from past heartbreak warfare, it triumphs each time not afraid to be in the front lines
My Heart is a Satellite... Sending Signals... Transmitting Lovewaves Throughout the Universe
It detects people's pains, relates to others struggles, it's the battery to the engine of my mind's hussle.

My Heart.... for so long sought a companion... a Fellow Heart to Connect and Grow With...
My Heart's relentless in its pursuit of Growth, My Heart doesn't wanna stop it only wants to push forth....
Nobody gets this heart of mine except for the Divine, God lights it up to make my Soul & Being shine.
I Got a Heart that I can't turn cold, even though my mind tried to, it just wants to learn and mold as my life continues to unfold.....

Thank God for this H-E-A-R-T of mine, even though it gets heavy to carry at times, I know it's a blessing I can't deny, whether it's a Gift or a Curse I know without it it could be much worse....

©2010 M.O.E.C.A.S.H. All Rights Reserved. No Parts Of or the Entirety of this Composition may be reproduced or published elsewhere without the proper consent & authorization of its author. Thank you for your cooperation.
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I don't hurt people, I don't wanna mislead them. I'm not here to corrupt mines. I'm here to open minds and help people spiritually soul shine.

Ohhhh yeahhhh.... I'm here to fuck up demons wherever they are. Not afraid of lucifer, satan, the devil, whatever you wanna call it. I know his plans, I know his schemes, I know his plots, I know his ultimate purpose. And what I don't know, God will guide me through it. Faith, Spirituality & Enlightenment are some of my tools. My Weapon against the devil? For me to know, for that sucker to find out (in due time). He can try and scare me, tempt me, allure me with his illusions, but little does he know, he can't destroy my Belief & Conviction in God no matter how much he will foolishly try.

I am......

Forever Serving My Lord, Forever Learning through my Mistakes. Forever Asking for Forgiveness, Mercy & Guidance. Forever Working Righteously to Earn Blessings. Forever Smashing Demons Wherever they Be. Forever Fulfilling My Duties unto Humanity. Forever Crushing the evil that tries to infests itself from within. Forever Seeking More Faith, More Enlightenment & More Spirituality. Forever Loving God. Forever Giving the devil the Middle Finger. Forever Ready to Face All of My HATERS. Forever Not Afraid of satan. Forever Empowering People With MORE Wisdom, MORE LOVE & MORE HOPE.


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