Sunday, May 30, 2010

ARABESQUE ~ "Understand" (blog + music video)

Biggup to my Brotha from anotha mutha Big 'Besque, a homey I respect for always droppin his own flavour of hip-hop, funk and soul.

Arabesque's not your typical MC, he's not 'bout braggin and boastin', he's bout sharing a story, relaying a message to you, but also speaking about his own life's experiences. Thing is, he does it in a way that's smooth and funky, that you can even jive & bob your head to. Hailing from the T-Dot (that's Toronto for those that don't know the slanguage), he's set to drop another album this June 1st 2010, a conceptual album called "NUCLEAR AMBITION" - where he portrays a 'Peace-Bot' in the not so distant future roaming the earth searching for signs of life (I could be wrong there, but I believe that's the premise). As a fellow MC, I have to say I respect his work, his vision and his originality. Make sure y'all show the Brotha some love & support. Check out his pages:

Link up to his Myspace page - Click Here
Link up to his Facebook group - Click Here
Link up to his Youtube page - Click Here