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I am ready and willing to live with all the criticism, from anyone, it don't bother me. It just proves I am heading towards the right path. I know people are not USED to it, we're not encouraged to Speak UP and Speak Out. We're Indoctrinated to Accept the Status Quo... but how can I live with the Status Quo when i see so much Bullshit all around me?! As positive as I can be, I still am a Realistic brotha, I still see people dying, mother's crying, and so much suffering around the world... I can't pretend it doesn't exist cuz it's not happening right in front of my face... it happens across the world and right in my own city.

War in Iraq... does anybody know what they fighting for?! Oil spills... Corrupt politicians, greedy corporations.... Increase in Gas Prices... An increase in number of natural disasters, volcano's erupting, and these ain't signs... Signs from God and/or signs from Planet Earth that we killing it?! When we get sick, we show symptoms, we cough, we have a fever, we have a runny nose... the world is a living organism, nobody sees it this way, but I do. I know it breathes. Does it have a soul?! That's a question I cannot answer I don't have the knowledge yet. But God knows.

There's an psychological warfare going on, amidst the on-going battle between good and evil... A war to imprison our mind... To have us think along specific lines within a pre-determined BOX, not question anything, just be slaves and subordinates of a clandestine society's agenda. Matrix, baby, Matrix, the System. People will fight to protect cuz they've become so reliant upon it, but if ONLY they KNEW BETTER. They're fighting to protect something that's killing them.

Call me crazy, call me nuts, fuck it just throw the entire encyclopedia of insults at me.... I'm USED TO IT. I seen what they did to Brothers and Sisters like Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Malcolm X, MLK, Princess Diana, and so many others. By this century, we should be way further than we are, I believe in PROGRESS, I believe in Civilized Behavior, I believe that I must begin change within myself first before I can even THINK of affecting change throughout the world. And so it rages on, the battle within me, the fight to overcome temptations and inner demons. I ain't PERFECT, I'm no better nor worse than anybody out there.... but I try to be as much as possible, to be consciously aware of my actions and behavior. Have I sinned? YES. Does it make me a horrible person? Only if I don't feel bad about sinning. I am my own worst enemy, that's the truth... cuz I beat myself up, and have to battle an ego that wants to take over my conscience. That's my inner fight, my own personal struggle.... day in and day out.....

Sometimes I feel like such a fucking hypocrite.... I speak of righteousness, yet I am still committing sins.... I know I'll pay for those sins one day, and I'm praying for God's mercy on that day cuz I know I've wronged myself and my soul. I know God is oft-forgiving, but I shouldn't rely on that or take advantage of that. I know each day, should be a preparation for my Judgment on the Day of Atonement. See, I don't think most people think this way... or are concerned with such thoughts... I don't judge them, that's their prerogative, that's the life they're choosing to live... so why do people JUDGE ME when I am awake and striving to em-better myself and the world around me? Why did God give me a mouth for? To eat? To feed myself?! Or to use to build bridges of communication, by talking, by voicing my concerns about the world? I can't pretend like I don't care, cuz I do... I do.... I do but sometimes maybe I care too damn much for my own good.

If I'm Wrong, I pray God corrects me. I can't help being me, and who I am, I can't help Being Vocal and Speaking the Truth, why live in FEAR?! What Good does that do?! NOTHING. If I die from a bullet, from natural causes, from heart failure, I'm ready for it... I don't wanna die, I wanna live so I can do something to help this world, however whichever any which way I can. I pray to God so He can send me the righteous brothers & sisters to help me help us help the world. Can we truly cause change? Well.... only if we truly firmly believe in ourselves and in our capabilities, then yes, why not?! If we're ready to fight for it, strive for it righteously, why not?!

Still.... All through my life, I've felt so misunderstoooooood, like I'm always talking to myself. But hey.... God made me this way, so I can only embrace the design and improve on it, somehow some way, I believe there will be a better way.... till then, within my soul I pray each minute of each day.


Eminem Talking 2 Myself feat. Kobe:

TUPAC SHAKUR: THE LOST INTERVIEW [courtesy of] (videoclips)

Note to the kids that listen to today's "RAP": way before Kanye, way before Eminem, way before Lil' Wayne, way before T.I., way before Young Jeezy, way before Ludacris and Drake and Jay-Z and all these other rappers y'all be listening to now, this was (and still is, in my opinion) the REALEST Rap Artist that has EVER done it.

Peace & Respect 'Pac, nobody will ever fill your shoes.

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Friday, June 18, 2010


What is Love? After years of deductive research, data analysis, field work, experimentation, & yup, heartbreaks too, I finally have my own definition of it:

"It's a reciprocal emotion based on mutual admiration & respect, a common devotion towards one another that each other's (and their own) happiness & well being they won't ever neglect.... A dialogue of 2 Hearts, a Tango of 2 Souls, combined to form an Everlasting Bond they both Strive to Protect".

That being said... I'm curious.... What is YOUR definition of Love?

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sometimes I just wanna escape the stresses of the city, book myself a one-way ticket to a place far far farrr away from all that's gritty... not depressed or nuthin but tired of the imprisonment of the credit system- it's sooo effin' shitty. Ahhhhh......

Love... what is Love.... how do we know we found it?.... There's 2 diff kinds of Love... the Love of your closest friends and fam... and the Love, which is an Emotion of Endless Devotion.... Each time I think I found it, I'm wrong..... Heartbreak after another.... My soul's restless.... it can't take it any more.... It's just yearning for her mate... It's calling Out..... Reaching Out.... yet keeps getting Shut Out..... off and on... on and off... confused is thy soul.... However, it won't give up... it want what it wants... and it will be patient enough to get it..... insh'Allah....

Alhamdulilah, Praise be to God, things in my music career are moving in the right direction... after a 5 yr break from live performances, I'm gettin gradually back in the saddle. Just did my 2nd performance last night at "Just For Inspiration" held at McGill's Shatner Ballroom. Blessed it was, for I had the honor of performing in front of my Islamic community.... Suffice to say, I always feel like an Outcast there, cuz I don't associate myself with either Sunnis or Shiites, I'm just Muslim, I side with God, with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), I do not partake in the divisions. In any event, it was a very inspirational evening, lots of creative and talented gifted brothers & sisters, mash'Allah.

Saturday's a big day.... Hosting the West Island Blues Festival in DDO. My first time doing it, and it will probably be the biggest crowd to date I'd be front of... Nervous? Anxious? Scared? Few Years ago, I would've been. Today, Now, NOPE. I learned there's nothing to Fear but God, not even fear itself should be feared. I learned to just get up on stage and do what I does best... BE MYSELF. That's the Best I can Do. And the Only Thing I'm Really Good at. Hopefully, it inspires, uplifts, and entertains the people.

On that note... gotta get some work done.
and always in ALL ways

Monday, June 7, 2010


Matrix numbersImage via Wikipedia

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. "

- Morpheus (from 'The Matrix')

That's My Favorite Movie Quote, not only is it so true, it's evident all around us in this 'Real-Life Matrix' we be living in. I look all around me and see people completely attached to their roles, their titles, their status, their wealth class, their bank accounts, their credit scores, their jobs, their houses, cars, clothes, this false sense of identity we impose on ourselves.

People so dependent on things that will only vanish after they pass on. The only thing that remains after the point where our body expires is the everlasting destiny of Our Soul, and where it ends up depends on the tally of our Actions during our Lifetime (Good vs. Bad, Blessings Vs. Sins). Most people don't think that deep or that far ahead. WHY?! Because THE SYSTEM has brainwashed them NOT TO. The System tells them it's not important, it's irrelevant, it's insignificant, it's meaningless, and what matters is the HERE & NOW, not the Hereafter... LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES.

The System has us in locks & chains, feeding us materialism, superficiality, ignorance, and other mind-numbing bull-fuckin-shits. It's a Sad Reality for Someone who Sees all this Happening but, as Morpheus says, Not Everybody is Ready to be Unplugged..... ARE YOU?! We Can Break FREE from their Chains, but only if we get past the FEAR MONGERING they try so hard to scare us off with, and get past our pity differences amongst ourselves, looking beyond the divisions of religion and nationality, and consider the considerable amount of things we have in common, such as: WE'RE ALL HUMAN BEINGS!!!

Just remember: Without the People, The System that LOVES to Feed off of us Will Crumble & Fall.


Saturday, June 5, 2010


"There is no justification in Islam for extremism or terrorism.

Targeting civilians' life and property through suicide bombings or any other method of attack is haram and forbidden"

- Fikh Council of North America

A Message to Muslim Extremists:


Contrary to popular belief, and to what many Zionist-controlled Media outlets have been telling people, Iran's President is not the sworn enemy of Jews... but of the godless Zionists who've hi-jacked Judaism in their plot to cause chaos & turmoil in this world.

How can "sworn enemies" embrace one another such as they did? Are they the ones who are wrong, the ones who are overcoming all this political divide and coming together in the name of God & spiritual unity? Or aren't the ones who manifest hatred, and use propaganda to scare people into fear and disillusionment, who work tirelessly to confuse people and subdue their good conscience, so they can continue to do their evil bidding of total world domination, aren't they the ones who are truly at fault?!

Don't Fall For TV's Cheap Mind Tricks!

May the Swift Hand of God's Justice crack Every Back of Every Filthy Evil-Infested Fear-Mongering Soul-Sucking Demon, throughout the Entire Universe.

In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Beneficent.... May all my Islamic brothers & sisters reject & repel any & all forms of Religious Extremism. May all of my Jewish brothers & sisters renounce & denounce any & all forms of godless Zionism. May all the Righteous Brothers & Sisters of Humanity find common ground through Divine Worship, Faith, Enlightenment & Spirituality. AMEN!!!
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I found this on the website of Neturei Karta International: Jews United Against Zionism, I thought of it as my duty (as God's imperfect yet devoted humble servant) to share this with the World. Please, step outside of the name tags and labels we impose on ourselves, for a few minutes, don't think as a Jewish Person, or as a Christian, or as Muslim.... Think from a God-fearing human being perspective.

I hope & pray this will enlighten as many people as possible.

* * *


The world has suffered for decades from the unsolvable "Middle East and Palestine issue". Why hasn't anyone managed to solve the problem yet?

The root of the problem: The Palestinians want back the land that was robbed from them in 1948.The Israelis do not want to return it, claiming that it was "lawfully granted to them by the United Nations".

The existence of a "Jewish State" is a historical mistake, and it is an injustice that increasing numbers of people are no longer willing to accept. The Zionist "government" has forfeited its right to exist.

There is actually no longer a state, but only a "problem". An unsolvable Middle East problem, which threatens the entire world with destruction. The danger resulting from this problem may lead to the greatest catastrophe in human history, if we do not intervene.

The problem can only be solved peacefully and permanently, in our opinion, through the following simple steps:

1) The State of "Israel" must be dissolved. The UN decision of 1947 to partition Palestine and create the State of Israel must be recognized as a mistake, and undone.

2) The Palestinian people must take full sovereignty over the entire land of Palestine.

3) Jews who already live in Palestine may remain in the country under Palestinian rule, and may request that the Palestinians grant them equal citizenship.

4) Implementation: The UN should prepare laws that regulate the execution of the above process so that it should be as equitable, humane and painless as possible. A sufficiently long time must be allotted for the process to take place.

We have reached the point at which Jews and Arabs seem to have in common only their pent-up hatred against each other and longing for revenge. But they must try from now on to live together in mutual respect.


This solution seems, at first glance, revolutionary, sensational, perhaps even Utopian. But it is the only solution that affords a real prospect of success and a way out of this otherwise insolvable crisis. All other "plans" and "solutions" lead nowhere.

Let's look at the exceptional advantages that will be achieved by following the above plan:

1. The continuing threats posed to the world from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran's nuclear threat, Israel's nuclear threat, Israel's threat to bomb Iran and more will be removed from the world.

2. The oppression of the Palestinian people at the hands of the "State of Israel" will come to an end. Human dignity and livelihood will be restored to them once again.

3. The global threat of rising anti-Semitism, wanted and coldly calculated by the Zionists from their inception, will come to an end, since its main cause is the atrocities currently perpetrated by the Zionists against their Arab "subjects".

4. The astronomical sums spent by the U.S. and other countries each year to support and arm the Israeli state will become available for use to implement peace in the region.

5. Many countries, most notably the U.S., will become free from the powerful Zionist Lobby. These countries will be free to make their own decisions as to what best serves their interests, without having to depend on the goodwill and consent of the lobby.

* * *

The political background and motivation of this plan is simple, logical, and self-evident. But even from the religious Jewish perspective, this plan is logical and compelling. In fact, from this perspective no other solution is possible or conceivable.

Consider the following remarks on religious Jewish thought:

Religious Judaism and the Land of Israel

Two thousand years ago, the Jews were sent into exile by God's decree, where they must remain until they are redeemed by God, as He has assured them through the prophets. The idea of a return to the country prematurely, without divine redemption, is wrong. In view of this, the Land of Israel belongs to those who have lived there for hundreds of years: the Palestinians.

The idea of a premature return was first conceived of by the Zionists, who at the beginning were a small Godless group, completely rejected by mainstream Jewry. They forced their plan upon the Jewish world through years of political maneuvering. Their slogan was that the Jewish people would finally stop waiting for divine salvation. "It is now time to take our destiny into our own hands," they said. "We must forget our past; we must leave behind the Divine message and the ancient role of the Jewish people in the world. Israel, the people of the Bible, must be transformed into a secular nation."

The majority of the Jewish people resisted this idea vehemently and wanted to know nothing of the Zionists' solution and their Zionist state. Thus Zionism went forward in the face of the strong opposition of the vast majority of Jews.

Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

The level of anti-Semitism in the world has now reached such proportions as we have known only in the years immediately before the outbreak of World War II. It is fueled by the Zionist atrocities against the Palestinian population. Eighty years ago, anti-Semitism was instigated and fanned by the Zionists. They cleverly organized defamation campaigns against the Jews of Europe, with the aim of causing the ground to burn under their feet, so that they should feel the need to flee and take refuge in the new "Jewish State ". It worked then, and it works again today.

We look at today's Zionist activity in consternation, yet the Zionists tell the world that it is a duty and an honor to support their movement in any way. Whoever is negligent in this duty or, worse yet, exposes something about the Zionists, is branded an 'anti-Semite'.

For this purpose, the Zionists have built a global lobby which, especially armed with the Holocaust card, is able to stifle any attempted criticism of Israel.

How the "Israeli state" was Founded

After the great destruction of the Jews in Europe, the Jews were rootless and bleeding. For the most part, they succumbed to the thoughts and plans of the Zionists and willingly followed them into their so-called Promised Land. Only a small part, in particular the faithfully religious affiliated Jews, did not follow and have remained to this day bitter enemies of their idea and their state.

The international community, out of compassion and a sense of duty, perhaps even a sense of guilt, agreed to the idea of a refuge and permanent homeland for the broken and uprooted Jewish people. For this the international community deserves recognition, praise and gratitude.

The idea to use Palestine for this homeland seemed right and logical at the time, and was implemented in the historic UN decision of 1947. But this decision brought with it an equally historic injustice: the country was simply robbed from the Palestinian residents, who had been there over a thousand years. They abandoned their homes, and Jews settled there instead. The "State of Israel" was born!
Wrongly. And wrongly, it is still standing today, after over 60 years.

The Turning Point

The time has come when the "Zionist redemption" has suffered shipwreck, and the historical error of the Jewish people and the world community must be reversed. The former global enthusiasm about the creation of the "Jewish State" is no longer there. It has dissolved into thin air. The dream has become a nightmare.

More and more people feel unease and opposition to the continued atrocities of the Zionist movement, today "the State of Israel." The truth - that "anti-Zionism" does not equal "anti-Semitism" - is beginning to surface.

Zionism is not Judaism, and Judaism is not Zionism.

On the contrary, the two concepts stand in stark contrast to each other! The Zionists, now in the dress of the "State of Israel", are not entitled to represent the Jewish people. Nobody has assigned them to this role; they have taken it on their own. Today, fewer and fewer people believe in this fiction. More and more people understand that the whole Middle East, thanks to the existence of the State of Israel, has become one big explosive powder keg, which can ignite at any time and plunge the entire world into the abyss. At the same time people are also beginning to understand, that by dissolving this State that does not belong in this region at all, the situation in the Middle East will finally stabilize.

This solution should actually be undertaken by the Jews who live there themselves, once they understand that it is a sin to break loose from a divinely-imposed exile, and that the way to repent of that sin is to go back to living in exile. However, the Israeli population is far from coming to such a recognition. The majority of the population is firmly rooted in fanatically-held beliefs that they live in the utopia of "redemption", and that they have returned to the land of their fathers.

Meanwhile, however, their state represents a quickly growing threat in its region of the world, threatening to plunge the world into an inferno.

* * *

That our solution is, for the most part, "religiously motivated" is not surprising: Whether we want to admit it or not, the people of Israel since time immemorial have been the people of God and nothing else. We are not "a nation like all nations"; we have received our laws and life goals from God on Mount Sinai, and we have faithfully adhered to and always upheld them. That is, until about one hundred years, when the great catastrophe, the Zionist movement, arose with the aim of transforming the Jewish people into a nation like all nations. They said: "We have no connection with God, no connection with Sinai. But by staying strong, together, we will solve our problems ourselves! We will have one country, one state, one army, one language, and everything a country needs. " And that is unfortunately what they did.

Today, after a hundred years of Zionism, we are facing a big mess. God has begun to show us that there is no escape from Him. The Zionists may have raised an insurrection against Him, but He will never accept it. He has been watching on the side for a long time, but it seems obvious that now He is manipulating world events to lead His people back to where He has always wanted it, and still wants it. Therefore, the solution to this problem is not only politically motivated, but also religiously motivated. Either it will be implemented by man, or by God himself.

This solution can only come about if there is pressure from the outside. The world, especially the UN, the U.S. and the EU, have the duty and the power to carry it out.

It is a political solution, but also a divine duty. Because, again, it is God who declares that the Zionist redemption of His people is not acceptable, and that His people must continue to live uninterrupted in exile, waiting for divine salvation. Redemption can only be left in the hands of the one God, and He will carry it out justly, according to His will. There is no other way to redeem the Jewish people. God will do exactly what He intends to do with His world. Israel will be redeemed by Him (not by the "State of Israel"), and the whole world will recognize God's kingdom.

The "redemption" is not reserved only for the people of Israel. God will redeem all of mankind. Peace will prevail all over the world. Every nation, every country and everyone will recognize God's regime and live in everlasting peace and satisfaction.

Now we are being given a unique, perhaps last chance to end the Zionist state on our own initiative, because if we do not, God will do it - the same God who sent His people into exile. He wants His people redeemed not by the Zionists but by Him alone, as He has repeatedly announced through the prophets. There is no getting around God's plan. Therefore, let us have the insight to put the solution into action under all circumstances. There is no time to lose!

Neturei Karta International – – January 2010/Teves 5770

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JUDAISM VS. ZIONISM (please watch this video -If you're a God-fearing person, share it with friends & family)

"[...] Judaism, a Divine Religion, has become a vehicle for Zionism, a Worldly Ideology.

The problem is not Judaism, and the Jews, but rather Zionism, and the Zionists"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


M.I.A. ~ "BORN FREE" (New Hardcore Music Video that got Banned on Youtube)

WARNING: THIS AIN'T PRETTY - Rated PG16 (Some Nudity & Violence)

For those that don't get it, it's supposed to depict the harsh hardcore reality of Apartheid/Genocide. M.I.A. is stirring up a world of controversy with this one and I say: IT'S ABOUT TIME.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

M.I.A. Claims Facebook and Google 'Invented by C.I.A.' (News)

"All governments are connected to Google," she [MIA] said. "Governments can shift their search engines so only what they want you to see comes up. I want kids to be aware of this digital circumstances."

Read rest of article >>> M.I.A. Claims Facebook and Google 'Invented by C.I.A.'

Biggup to MIA, I totally agree with her on that one.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MOS DEF & TALIB KWELI ~ "HISTORY" (music video)


No matter what happens in life, always count your blessingz.......

LAVA OF LOVE (mini-blog)

It ain't easy being a very passionate man... sometimes it's hard to contain it, retain it and maintain it..... my heart feels like a Volcano, erupting with Lava of Love, it's scorches me... burnt so many times before but I still refuse to learn my lesson, still this stronger emotion of devotion moves me like the oceans...