Friday, September 24, 2010


As promised, here is a hook-up to download for FREE the long-awaited highly-anticipated debut of Masta Khalifa.



On Behalf of Masta Khalifa & myself, Thank you for Supporting REAL Hip-Hop, we worked long hours to put this mixtape together. It's all for the People, it's all for the Love and it's all to Represent CONSCIOUS Hip-Hop.

Spread The Word, Post it on your Twitter & Facebook Walls, HIP-HOP LIVES!!!

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Let the Power of LOVE & Your SOUL be greater than the illusion of Fear and the self-destructiveness of the darkside.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


......Should I continue Facebooking or Stop........... cuz apparently being true to myself and real to the people on a site like this might damage/hinder my 'public image' for which I couldn't give a flying BLEEP about cuz it doesn't matter to me who judges me and I certainly won't loose any sleep over something as superficial as that. Pardon me, but at the end of the day I know GOD judges me & my actions and it's unto Him that I owe my life to (and have to face & answer to) so that is why I serve humanity by Speaking My Mind so Freely in hopes of Getting People to Stop Living In Fear and have a lil' something called...... FAITH.

I promote the philosophy/attitude/outlook/mentality of FAITH OVER FEAR... meaning not throwing caution to the wind, but to know that if I mess up, it's only so I can learn the lesson from it, and that everything has a reason/purpose behind it. Good times, bad times, in all times, I have FAITH that God is watching my back.

Okay, so maybe not many people in my network really care about what I'm doing... but in all honesty, that's a given. All over the World, as History has pointed out so often, Humanitarians & Activists are few & far in between, and most of the population live in fear. So, should I make that an excuse to shut up and not use these mediums called Facebook & Internet -which is very popular- to transmit my message.....??? And if so, should I limit what I say (and don't say) on it?? Am I over-using it??? Is it really hindering my 'public image'??? Am I denial about my abuse of Facebook status updates cuz I change more often than I realize (I just get moments of inspiration & I feel like it's gonna help people so that's why I share them)???

I don't ever wanna give self-doubt any room in my mind, but lately, a friend of mine has brought it to my attention that perhaps I'm wasting my time here and that most people won't care about my message, and that I should be more in the public, not behind a computer screen. I appreciate this person's courage to be real with me & thank them for their genuine honesty. Grant it, I know they are right that I should be more 'out there' than 'on here'....... but, via the internet I can speak to the WHOLE WORLD directly, and if somebody doesn't like what I have to say: DELETE ME, HIDE MY UPDATES and or just simply ignore what I say.

Plus, I have to count my blessings and say that I have CONNECTED SPIRITUALLY AND MUSICALLY with many many many people off Facebook. Without it, I couldn't have set up the MoeCash's Angels group where we come together to uplift one another with music & positive quotes. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to set up & organize an international collaboration mixtape 'VIVA LA REVOLUCION'. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to promote some of the work I do, or give the artists I collabo with more exposure. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to touch so many people's souls with some of my status updates.....

I really feel like I'm not abusing it but actually putting Facebook to good use. Some may not understand how through a website I'm able to link up with so many wonderful & driven souls, hey, I don't even understand it, but I know that it has helped me help others... and I'm hoping to continue on this path with people on the same wavelength.

Haters are everywhere..... Doubters are everywhere..... All My Life, whenever I tried doing anything which my Soul felt was right, I had people putting my ambitions down, telling me I have too much time on my hands, and basically, not believing in my ability to create a positive shift...... You know what? For the Longest Time, I let them get to me, till I finally realized... I'm giving them too much power over my life, I SHOULD LIVE MY LIFE ACCORDING TO WHAT MY SOUL KNOWS IS RIGHTEOUS. I do take into consideration people's feedback, and I will apply it if my Soul agrees with it, but otherwise, I gotta Keep Doing Me by Being True to Myself and REAL to the People. If I show weakness or frustration, it's only so that people can RELATE and know that I'm not some divinely-sent messenger, I'm a HUMAN BEING like everybody else. I have moments where I get pissed off too, I think it's NORMAL that we do. How else can I improve on my design and teach others to do the same if I seem all perfect and without a flaw???

That being said: I'mma re-examine my usage of this worldwide portal we call Facebook and figure out, if I'm doing anything counter-productive on it, if I am indeed using it or updating it excessively, and what requires adjusting/adding/removing.

Peace, Love and Maximum Blessingz


Marina H. reminding us that beauty is more than skin-deep, and what's more meaningful is the color of our Hearts.

To add on what Marina H. so eloquently said, I like to say:

Love yourself for whom you are (without being egotistical or conceited), so that others may love you & appreciate you too... Showcase the beauty of your Soul, and it will reign over all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Okay, so you know about all this occult symbolism and secret societies and stuff... now what?! Now Comes the time to SHIFT YOUR FOCUS from giving them too much attention to giving your SOUL some much needed Attention. Whether it's meditation, or spiritual reflection, humanity needs to gradually re-connect with out higher calling, with our soul, with our Faith, with our Almighty omnipotent loving merciful (yet very just) Creator.

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PACK-FM ~ "THE N*GGA PASS" [SomethingToMakeYouLOL]


This past summer I linked up with Masta Khalifa 'The Astro-Lyricist', and we joint forces to collaborate on his ever recording project, the 'BACK TO THE BASICS MIXTAPE'. We even did a last-minute collabo on stage at the 'MuslimFest' in Montreal, safe to say we had stage chemistry and we rocked the crowd.

Well, lemme tell you a lil' bit about my homey...

Masta Khalifa is a 17 y.o. Lyrical MCee with much versatility, he got Flow, he Drops Real Knowledge and most importantly, he's True to the Art (and science) of Hip-Hop. I mean, I've worked with many dope lyricists in my time, but I gotta say, it was a blast to be in the studio with MK. From a Producer's standpoint, he has a really good work ethic, really well organized, serious about his craft yet fun to work with. I'm honored to have him on board my label "Introspective Records" as one of the youngest in the roster, he certainly demonstrates maturity when it comes to his music.

As for his tracks... lemme just say this, the only reason you won't like Masta Khalifa is if you're tone-def or a hater or don't have an appreciation for REAL & CONSCIOUS HIP-HOP from the Underground. He spits raw, but also got verses for the ladies on there, he showcases his love & passion for rhyming and not to mention, he makes it real clear that he's a Lyrical Force to Fuck With. Together, We Are Taking Back HIP-HOP from the fools that drowned it in commercialism by reminding the Youth what it's REALLY about: SPEAKING THE TRUTH!

That being said, I'm in the final stages of mixing down his tracks, and we will drop the "Back To the Basics Mixtape" in the next few DAYS. So, stay on the look out, and I'mma definitely hook everyone up with a free - yea, you heard that right, TOTALLY FREE - copy of the mixtape, which will be available to download online.

Make sure y'all link up to his official Myspace Page as well as to his Facebook Fanpage dedicated to all his haters and supporters.

Keep your eyes & ears glued to Masta Khalifa, cuz this is definitely just the beginning for this young yet very bright talented MC. As he would say: Word is Bond, dun!

Here's a lil' sumthin' sumthin' we recorded just after our collabo performance at the MuslimFest......


Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Just found out that there's a campaign to nominate the Internet for a Nobel Peace Prize... yea, you heard that right, nominate what you're using right now (to read this really cool awesomely enlightening blog) for the coveted Nobel Peace Prize.

Check out this videoclip for more info:


Sometimes I wonder if I really belong in this day & age, I feel like I belong in the era where people actually upheld virtues such as morals & principles.... I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Recently, I took a personal decision, I took a vow of abstinence, meaning I won't have sex till I get engaged/married to the -Godwilling- right woman. Many have supported me, others who obviously cannot picture living without sex and don't have enough willpower to withstand it- have mildly criticized me by trivializing my choice. I don't care, it's All Goooood for me, their opinions don't really matter, I know WHY I am doing this, and even though my personal love life ain't nobody's business but mine, I openly discussed this choice I've made because I hope it will inspire others to do the same.

What led me to take this vow of celibacy? Well, I won't lie, I've been with several women, all wonderful, all real sweet and sophisticated and amazing in their own way. However, after the intercourse is over & done with, I end up feeling void & empty again. I realized I was living in sin and if I am to truly impact the world in a progressive & positive way, than I must begin the change from within. I have many flaws, and that is just 1 of them.

Furthermore, I just find that in today's world, promiscuity is not just promoted, it's frikkin' Glorified. Than we wonder why we have a problem with teenage baby mommas... Maybe because we're not educating them enough about contraception, but even better than all that, how come we rarely hear about ABSTINENCE??? I remember when I was in highschool, sex wasn't so in your face as it is now, and shows on TV had a moral of the story to them... Now... it's like the sluttier more superficial artificial shallow & conceited you are, the more you're considered "cool".... leaving me to scratch my head, wondering WTF happened???

I know what Happened, Righteous People took their Eye off the Ball, and we Fell into the comfort zone. Well, it's time for us to Bring Back Decency, Integrity, Morality and Dignity back to Humanity. How do we do this??? The core of EVERY society is Family. Home is where the Heart is, and we need to Feed that Heart with Love, and Educate our youngins about the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, we need to reach out to the youth and tell them it's Perfectly Fine to say NO to sex and that they shouldn't feel pressured to do it just cuz it's all over the media. I'm really serious about this. If I had kids, that's what I'd do.

Obviously, you don't wanna make it sound so damn serious, we have to find ways that will educate but also entertain the youth, so that they WILL pay attention to the Truth, and apply the wisdom of us 'olden folks' LOL - I'm only saying that cuz I just turned 30, my silly sense of humor.

In any event, I pray God will help all the Righteous people to Wake and RISE UP, because we can't just sit down and expect positive/progressive shifts to happen, WE HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

and always in ALL ways...


Today is Sept 21st, which is known as 'Peace One Day'... an Annual Day of Global Ceasefire & Non-Violence.

Peace One Day is working to manifest an annual day of global unity; a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that humanity has never known.

In the late 1990s, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley and founder of Peace One Day created a documentary about his campaign to establish an annual day of cease-fire and non-violence. And in 2001, Peace One Day's efforts were rewarded when the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted a resolution making the 21st of September . . .Peace Day.

Through the actions of people all over the world, we are proving that the Day is working, that we can save lives. Last year, in Afghanistan, alone, the United Nations reported a 70% reduction in violence on Peace Day, and 1.6 million children were vaccinated for polio.

The next stepping stone on this journey is to reach 3 billion people with the message of Peace Day by 2012.

What will you do to make peace on 21 September?

May this day of Peace bring humanity closer together, enough bloodshed already, enough destruction & innocent lives gone... Let's turn our focus towards building bridges of tolerence, mutual respect, cooperation, understanding, trust and gradually build up more Unity, More Justice and More Peace for All.

I don't know about anybody out there, but I'm royally fed up of all the senseless killings & conflicts in the world, the tyranny, the madness, the genocide, the ethnic cleansing, the wars, the religious squabbles & never-ending beefs, what good do ANY of those things ever bring??? NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

It'll never be a Perfect Utopian World, but let's not contribute to its destruction. Let's improve the world from one generation to the next. Let us give the world in a better condition to our children, so they can continue this tradition of humane co-existence. Let's find intellectual ways to solve our disputes, not in arms races intimidation or in warfare. Let us strive to become wiser spiritual beings and more in tune with our souls.

Spread the Word so this One Day of Peace can last for more than just one day.

For More Info, visit Peace One Day:

and always in ALL ways

Saturday, September 18, 2010


True Love is Eternal, meaning that it has no beginning and no end... it's always been there (without us being aware of it)... it just so happens that FINALLY life brought the 2 people together...

Love is more than just a 4-Letter Word, it is where we connect deep emotions, where hearts are synced to the same tune, on 2 different channels of Souls.

Love, pure Love, Real Love, is EverLasting Love. It withstands the test of time, it faces trials & tribulations, it is built to conquer everything and anything that comes in its path. It doesn't know the definition of 'END', it just simply continues, and the Energizer Bunny ain't got nuthin' on it. Jokes aside, EverLasting Love is a Symphony of 2 Souls that Sing different notes of the Same Song, completing and complementing each other.

I pray and wish for everyone to be found by TRUE LOVE, the kind that is Eternal and EverLasting. Many people are blinded by the illusions of promiscuity, which leads to nothing but emptiness and an empty nest.

Cultivate your Heart, fertilize it with self-love, pour Faith into it, feed it some Soul Rays (i.e. God's Love)... and believe me, if you're patient enough and took good care of it, the flower of True Love will bloom beaming the true beauty of your Spirit.

Hold on, be strong, hang in there and just be patient... you know what they say... Good Things Come to those who Wait.... In the meantime, project your TRUE ETERNAL & EVERLASTING LOVE into the Universe... and let it reciprocate it back to you...

and always in ALL ways...

Friday, September 17, 2010


A few months ago, I connected with Marina H. who's driven to make this world better and brighter for humanity. She recently started up a Youtube Channel in which she talks about REAL issues and getting people prepared for a POSITIVE Shift of Energy in 2012.

Marina H. and I both agree that it's not the end of the world in 2012 (even though prophetic signs do indicate that it is fast approaching), but at that point in time, there will be a shift of global consciousness. Which way the shift goes, well, it depends on humanity's energy and where what we place our attention on.

In other words, to turn things around, we must get back to the basics, stay realistically positive, be aware of all the garbage out there and promote a lifestyle of mental, physical & spiritual wellbeing.

I wanted to share her new channel on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to get updates. 1Love & MAXIMUM BLESSINGZ.


KID CUDI VS. WALE [news clipping]

You know Mainstream (Commercial) Hip-Hop is lacking luster when The Source doesn't know what to talk about anymore and just prints whatever headlines can grab as much attention as possible.

Kid Cudi VS. Wale....... seriously though, really? Will anybody care? But if you happen to be one of those that actually does, don't worry, I got your fix right here:
Lame On Lame ... A Game For Losers (click here to read full story, via

My “G.T.F.O.H. response was pretty much a mix of the curiosity behind the
insults and my brain dealing with the hilarity of the thought of Kid Cudi trying
to diss anyone. Turns out a line from a Wale freestyle, “Throwin round wallets
like the dude that Kid Cudi hit.” And apparently that little line was enough to
lift Cudis skirt and bring out his sensitive side, causing him to fire off shots
on everything from Wale being a “simple ass rapper” to “Ye ain't give you no
beats because we ain't fucking with your raps,“ all the while declaring his
status in the game as “incomparable,” “unfuckwitable.” and a “wizard” Wow, where
to begin…

Thursday, September 16, 2010


We all deal with different levels of Drama, be it at work or with parents/family/friends, sometimes it's love or health-related, maybe even financially-related, there's always a certain level of Drama that exists in everybody's life.

I find it extremely difficult to believe that somebody has ZERO drama in their life. If that's the case, I'd check their heartbeat & vitals to make sure they are still alive.

Drama is a part of this world, it's part of L.I.F.E. and it is a source of Stress, Anxiety, Panic, Gossip and sometimes, Beefs. There are people that live for drama, their life would be meaningless without it, they apparently are so bored in their life that they have an unquenchable need to start shit up just to keep their life interesting. I've had the misfortune of dealing with such folks. B to the S - Bullshit I tell you. Those people should get themselves involved in volunteering, maybe take up a hobby or something.... paint, sculpt, write poetry, learn how to play an instrument, ANYTHING is better than starting up drama cuz you're bored.

In any event, the focus of this post is not drama-instigators, but how to DEAL with drama... Essentially, how you face and solve drama, has a big impact on the rest of your life. I know this because I've gone through the journey of learning how to deal with drama, on my own. At first, usually when confronted with drama, we go into panic/frantic mode... like:

WTF should I DO? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! How come I'm in this situation again? How should I deal with this? Why me...why why WHY?! How come people can't leave me out of their drama?

All common questions. What most people do is get stuck in the emotions, and start downward spiralling into the abyss of depression, panic and anxiety... not to mention stress. Yes, we've ALL been there. Now, as I mentioned in my previous blog "ATTITUDE & OUTLOOK: YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE TO LIVE A HAPPIER LIFE", it's all about your Attitude & Outlook on the world and in life. Yeah, the world's messed up & gon' crazy, and sorry to burst anybody's bubble, but it's only gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets any better - God willing it will get better for all, I pray!

That being said, shift your focus from over-analyzing the drama or the situation, to seeing what LESSON(S) need to be learned from the EXPERIENCE of the drama. Is it to be more careful with whom you trust? Is it to not be so selfish or selfless? Is it to take better care of your health, or not take your loved one(s) for granted? Or is it just a case of bad karma coming back to slap you in the face? Whatever it is, there's definitely a LESSON (or LESSONS) to be learned. Believe, nothing happens in this world without any reason to it.

Also, best thing to do is to pull yourself out of the drama, re-focus and control your temper, avoid escalations. I'm not saying be afraid of confrontations, I'm just saying, THINK BEFORE ACTING OR SPEAKING OUT OF NEGATIVE EMOTIONS/THOUGHTS... been there done that, didn't do any good, just fucked myself over. That's why I'm sharing this tidbit of wisdom, so it can help others going through any tough moment in their life. And remember, EVERYTHING in this life is TEMPORARY, that includes DRAMA. It's not gonna last forever, just keep your foot on the ground, your head on your shoulders and FOCUS.

Sometimes, when we cannot change the situation, we're left with another option: changing the way we look at the situation. Instead of internalizing the pain and letting it drag us down, maybe take the good from the bad and project positivity back into the universe, shifting the energy from negative to positive. Realistically speaking, it's difficult cuz yeah, sadness, disappointment, frustration or even anger get the best of us. Word, it is what it is. However, it's no excuse to just give in to those light-dimming energy-draining emotions. We can't always be Happy and Positive, but we can be consciously aware of the emotions/thoughts/feelings we're going through and be in CONTROL of them... not letting them control us!

Remember this: Your Energy Flows where your Attention Goes. If you focus too much on the drama and not on the lessons that need to be learned, than you're gonna let the drama get the best of you. And that's not what you want, right? RIGHT! You wanna get yourself away from negative people, people that are so bored with their routine-based lives and have nothing better to do than start up unnecessary Bullshit. Find a positive fun happy chill ambitious driven crowd to chill with, the more positive energy and positive emotions and positive thoughts and positive people you surround yourself with, the more your SOUL is gonna feed off of it and supply you with the Energy you NEED to keep going through life... and all its cycles of drama.

After all, all drama is, is Wisdom-Waiting-To-Be-Acquired In Disguise... SO GO GET IT!

Hope this post helps you, sheds light into your soul and inspires you to rise above and beyond drama.

Peace, Respect
and always in ALL ways...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


L.I.F.E. is not easy, it wasn't meant to be... if it is, you're either being lazy or not living at all. We all go through hardships, what makes the difference between a happy person and a miserable person, is their ATTITUDE & OUTLOOK on the World. Miserable people give too much room in their heart & mind to negative thoughts, feelings & emotions. Doing so only dims the Light of their Faith, the dimmer it gets, the less clarity & vision their soul will have.

In contrast... Happy people who, regardless of the trials & triumphs, stay focused & positive, who patiently persevere against the odds, they live to project Hope unto others & inspire those around them. It's true that some people are born that way, the happy-go-lucky' types, but for most of us, it's a matter of CHOICE. We CHOOSE to not be miserable & depressed for we've learned it serves no good whatsoever. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, wants to spend time or be around miserable bitter angry frustrated people. Positive people, they strive daily to increase the Light of the Torch of their FAITH, they face struggles and hardships just like everybody else, but they consciously & spiritually concentrate their energy on staying away from negative emotions and thoughts.

In the end... people should stop complaining so much, we should count our blessings and give praise to our loving & merciful creator... whether you call him Allah, God or Dieu... He's one and the same for ALL of us.

And remember, we ALL have the POWER to CHOOSE How we want to live our L.I.F.E.... being miserable sucks and will lead to a life of self-pity, bitterness & loneliness. Being Happy, staying focused on the positive, while being reasonable & realistic as well as being grateful for all the blessings no matter the odds, will make your Soul shine Brighter and your Faith Stronger. It's YOUR choice... so Choose Wisely.

and always in ALL ways...


Watch this 9min videoclip... then read the commentary...

Oprah Winfrey when she was with Barack Obama a...Image via WikipediaNobody used to believe me when I said Oprah sold her soul... Sooooooo many people see her as this pure perfect super generous woman - practically a Goddess right? WRONG. If you've been paying very close careful attention, you'll notice she has a very secret & subtle agenda, I call it the 'The Anti-God Indoctrination Of The Masses'.

All she does on her show (and every other frikkin' medium she can get into) is promote materialism, superficiality, vanity, and all this fakeass new age bullshit that deceives people.

Defend her all you want, get deceived all you want, buy into that bullshit hype that she "helps" people and inspires people... But lemme ask you this: What About our Prophets? Muhammad... Jesus??? (PeaceBeUponThem) When do we give THEM credit for Helping Humanity and Inspiring All Of Us with their Message of RIGHTEOUSNESS and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE??? You don't need to give away gifts to earn people's love, you don't have to constantly brag about all the good you do, you just do it out of honest genuine kindness of your heart... Pure Love.

In Star Wars speak: the Dark (Anti-Christ) Force is definitely strong within her.

Now, all the brainwashed Oprah-worshippers (it is what it is) are gonna get offended and think I'm indirectly dissing them cuz they watch her and she's become their idol--- keyword: IDOL. To them I say: Don't Hate me cuz I'm right, but please for your own soul's sake: WAKE UP!

And another thing: Oprah also promotes all this anti-Marriage stuff and all sorts of weird ass stuff about sexuality (trans genders and other unholy gender-alterations)... the masses been so programmed that she can say whatever she wants at this point now, and they would automatically ---without thinking twice--- nod their head in agreements and blindly follow her.

Have you ever wondered why this media-obssessed woman is suddenly going off the air, coincidentaly, before 2012??? You still think it's just random... ??? Better get up to speed on how the World is Run.



For The Record... For those who'll diss before thinking: I'm not Hating on Opera... I just see past the bullshit illusions and I'm not fooled by the false 'appearance' of things... We truly live in the Age of Deceit & Deception.

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Monday, September 13, 2010


Arrogance... when the mentality of thinking you're "Holier than thou", and there's nothing more that God despises than people who behave & conduct themselves in such ways. I find it a sign of weakness. It's like they're covering up something, or making up for a shortcoming or something...

When I deal with Arrogant people, I know inside of them they see themselves as small people so they have to put you down to feel better about themselves. Arrogance leads to condescending behavior. And nobody likes to be talked down to... Fuck, I don't care if you're a Rockstar, Doctor, NBA Baller, Gangsta Rap Star, Lawyer, President, Princess, Whomever... you ain't better than anybody else.... Like Who the Fuck are you? Did you Create me? NO, so you ain't more important than me, sit your ass down and be humble. We all EQUALS.

Arrogance, is when you give up too much of your energy & focus by placing too much attention on the empty meaning behind titles or designations, or think too highly of yourself and that you're more important than others. Arrogant people are WICKITY WICKITY WACK!

Words Of Wisdom: Arrogance & Pride stifle Humility, and we need Humility to build up Unity within Humanity. Always keep your Arrogance & Pride in check - those two of Ego's Ugly Poisons are counterproductive to Progress - actually, anything that is control or dominated by the Ego is counterproductive to Progress, Real Talk. Plus, nooooobody digs Arrogant People with too much Pride, they need to take a pill of reality, check themselves in the mirror and come back down to earth, fo'real.



Tupac Amaru Shakur - more than just a Rap Artist, he was a Revolutionary, an Activist, a Poet, a Philosopher, a Man that wanted to Change the World for the Better, a Child of the Struggle, Freedom Fighter & LYRICAL WARRIOR!!!

Here are a few clips in honor of the Legendary Rapping Activist...

1993 Speech - Keepin' it REAL

The Definition of T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E.

Speaking The Truth to the Youth

As The World Turns...

Rest in Thugz Mansion, Tupac Amaru Shakur(June 16, 1971 — September 13, 1996). Gone but Not Forgotten... Your Legacy Lives On.

EGO'S UGLY POISONS - PART 1: JEALOUSY & ENVY [words of wisdom]

It really sucks BIG TIME when jealousy messes up friendships or business alliances or partnerships... that and Envy... they're two of Ego's Ugly Poisons.

Jealousy & Envy, hand in hand they go against progress, they serve no good purpose at all. They prevent unifications, create divisions, stir up collisions, nothing but POISONS to the Mind & Soul. They breed darkness, suck up light, cloud sound judgement and wreak havoc on our inner peace of mind.

Some might argue that in relationships you need a healthy dose of Jealousy, it's how you know your partner still wants you... Well, I ain't down with that, I'll agree to disagree with them. I'd rather the trust & communication of mutual love & respect for one another... that's how you know your partner still desires & wants you. I digress...

Words of Wisdom: CLEANSE YOUR ENERGY FROM JEALOUSY & ENVY, RELEASE IT - BE IN CONTROL OF THEM, DON'T LET THEM CONTROL YOU. If we can all somehow manage to do that, than Humanity can begin laying down the foundation of Building Bridges within Humankind, fo'real.

©2010 M.O.E.C.A.S.H. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

BIG C - "EYE SEE IT ALL" [revolutionary music]

Real Music for Real People, CHECK IT:


Really good clip, I had to post it up. Watch it.... SHARE IT.



I said it before, and I'll say it again... the time to WAKE UP has passed... the time to RISE UP is quickly approaching.


US Federal Protective Service Police officer w...Image via Wikipedia

‎I've always thought that The Police were supposed to work in the favor of their citizen's best interest to protect and watch over them like society's Guardian Angels (man, that's such a naive outlook I know)... But I guess nowadays instead of going after the real crooks & criminals, the Police abuse the power they've been given, which is a privilege... They literally extort hard working people who are trying to make an honest living.

Man, I've never had the Police do anything good for me, or for anybody else I know. All I see them do is lurking in dark shadows on the Streets or the Highway, waiting on an opportunity to pull somebody over to fine them with a ticket. If they're not doing that, they're out checking on hot women as they cruise up and down the busy streets of the city...

They've become a pack of power-trippin' Bullies... picking on the small guy, when it's the People that gave them that power in the first place, not to mention WE PAY for their salaries. Look, I ain't knocking on the HONEST officers who put their life on the line, that actually go after real criminals, there are good ones out there ---- or at least, I hope they still do exist. I'm just saying, most of the time I had run-ins with "the Law", they were there to try to intimidate and make money off my ass. I don't advocate violence against Police, but I do advocate the People's RIGHT to a Corrupt-Free Law Enforcement that doesn't Abuse of its Power, doesn't Intimidate its Citizens, does its job of FINDING, FIGHTING & STOPPING CRIME and most importantly Protect the People!

Then they wonder why NOBODY likes them...
The Police, Today's Robin Hood of the Wealthy & Corrupted. That's why my new updated definition for them is...



FYI: This definition is ONLY for the wackass corrupt Cops who do nothing but badger good innocent folks.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

FREE YOUR MIND [videoclip]

THE 401TH POST!!! / LOWKEY "TERRORIST?" [mini-blog + official music video]

Lowkey performing at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut as...Image via WikipediaOver 6000 visitors and now the 401th Blog Post - THE M.O.E.C.A.S.H. CHRONICLES™ - "The Blog Of Choice for Enlightened Readers seeking Wisdom & Wit... not Bullshit" keeps on growing. I'm just gonna take a moment to thank all the loyal readers, I genuinely appreciate your support. I hope y'all have as much pleasure reading it as much as I do writing each new blog post. THANK YOU.

To mark this occasion, I just got word that Lowkey dropped a new music video, this one's a track called "Terrorist?". Kinda Ironic that he released it on the eve of the Sept 11th attacks... Actually, I don't think it's Ironic my bad, I think he's sending out a message that Muslims/Arabs are NOT terrorists and the whole Islamic community should not be the scapegoats for what we know now is an INSIDE JOB.

Nonetheless, many innocent souls perished, so I'm sending out my respect & deepest sympathies to the families of the deceased from the 9-11 attacks, and to all families who have to deal with the burden of losing their loved ones during times of war and natural disasters, from Iraq to Pakistan, Afghanistan to Haiti and every where else. Rest assured God is GREAT and He knoweth & seeeth all things, concealed and revealed, so Judgment Day will rectify once & for al all the injustices of this harsh world. Your lives are not lost in vain, God Rest your Souls in Peace.

Here's the new clip... LOWKEY "TERRORIST?" (CAUTION: There are graphic images at the end of the video, not for the faint of heart)

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This clip I'm posting up goes to follow up on what I discussed previously in my posts entitled "ENERGY (Part 1) - THE LIGHT WITHIN THE CORE OF OUR SOUL [blog]" and "ENERGY (Part 2) - THE TORCH OF FAITH [blog]".

Interestingly enough, it does not mention Faith. For some reason, most people in today's world are either frightened by or in denial about the existence of God. Like the concept of 'The Secret' for example, it's really no secret at all. It is the order of the Universe which is part of a Divine design. All of God's Wisdom told us to pray, focus on positive thoughts, undertake righteous actions, stay humble, be good unto others, project love in all we do and He'll answer our prayers. It seems like the moment you take God out of the picture, it draws more people in... weird, no? I think so.

In any event, I still found this video clip insightful as it does have a very good message. Watch it and share it.

1Love & Maximum Blessingz