Monday, October 4, 2010


Two months ago, I got an idea... What if I were to bring all these independent underground Lyrical MCees that spit the Truth about what's going on around the world, and put them on a mixtape, and spread that mixtape as far and as wide as I can? (I credit the idea to God-Dieu-Allah, but watch how many people are gonna try and jack it)

And so it started. First, it began as the Killuminati Project Mixtape, meant to be as an 'extension' of the 'Black World Order / Killuminati Project' group on Facebook, for which I was an 'Officer'. I went to the 2 Admins of that group with my idea, and I they really liked it. I then put the word out to any interested MCees from anywhere in the world who wanted in on the project. I received lots of submissions, and I went through each artist's music to see if they would 'fit' into the concept that I was putting together. Those who were selected were chosen based on their originality, creativity, content, message, flow and lyricism. I want to bring a worldwide audience a group of what I call 'LYRICAL WARRIORS'.

In the meantime, some shit started happening behind the scenes, between 1 of the Admins of the Black World Order / Killuminati Project admins. I always strive to work righteously & objectively so when my integrity was questioned, I did not really appreciate that very much. But I cannot blame that person and I don't hold any negative sentiments towards them. I'm not gonna go into details, because I hate gossip and because I don't want to loose the focus of what's more important, which is to put out a Revolutionary Mixtape that will not only Entertain but more crucially, ENLIGHTEN. After that unfortunate episode, I realized God is watching my back and was trying to point me in the right direction.

The direction God was pointing me to, was to build up on the Movement that I had long since established, a Movement based on Unifying People from All over the World on the notion that we're all Equals, that we're all Human Beings, that we're capable of causing Pain but also feeling Pain (so from unjust violence we must refrain), a Movement that strives to build bridges throughout Humanity in the name of Peace, Love, Justice, Wisdom, Spirituality, Faith and UNITY. The movement is called FAMILIA UNIVERZEL™, or in short, FAM-U™ which stands for 'Fathers And Mothers - United'. To find out more about the movement, Click Here.

I've always said, God works in GLORIOUS Ways and because of that, I don't ever questioned is infinite Wisdom, I just flow with it cuz I know he's guiding me to where I needs to be and towards I need to go. After careful reflection, I dropped the 'Killuminati Project Mixtape' as the name of this international collaboration, besides by using the word Killuminati I'd be promoting 2 things I'm adamantly against: Kill (or Killing, senseless violence and aggression of any sort) and Illuminati.

After countless hours of deliberating and shooting several names suggestions to the group of Lyrical Warriors signed on to the mixtape (to me, it's essential to get my team's input, it's not about me, or about us, it's about humanity and about the love of REAL hip-hop), it was finally officialized, thanks to input of ALL the Lyrical Warriors, we all agreed on: The Familia Univerzel Mixtapes. And Volume 1 will be called "VIVA LA REVOLUCION".

As the Executive Producer & Project Manager of the mixtape, it is important that I hold it down for all of my team when facing ANY and ALL Challenges that we face. I wanted the Lyricists to focus on their craft while I focused on organizing the mixtape, promoting it, and building it up. Honestly, the mixtape is yet to be released and I still can't believe at how much I have learned and gone through in the journey to put all of it together. I appreciate the lessons that life has taught me about working with people, and value God's guidance in pointing me so I can lead others in the righteous direction.

That being said, a new website has been officially launched (since this past weekend) as the online headquarters of all future releases from 'The Familia Univerzel Mixtapes™", also a Facebook page is set up to garner more and more support for the mixtape.

I invite you to check out and link up to: - The Official Home of THE FAMILIA UNIVERZEL MIXTAPES
The only Facebook page of The Familia Univerzel Mixtapes - Show Love & Support for all the Talented Lyrical Warriors who've joined forces to Bring TRUTH straight to the Streets and Reprezent Conscious Hip-Hop.

God-willing, we'll be releasing Vol.1: VIVA LA REVOLUCION on 10/10/10.

Later on this week, I'll be dropping a blog about all the LYRICAL WARRIORS that are on the Mixtape. I'm very humbled by their participation, they are very gifted MCees and I am grateful God Almighty sent them my way to collaborate on this project of global proportions.

Make sure to link up to the Official Facebook page of The Familia Univerzel Mixtapes™ and to join the group of Familia Univerzel™ / FAM-U™ (Fathers And Mothers United). Spread the Word, the REVOLUTION WILL BE LYRICAL and it will be via 1!!!

On that note.....
Peace, Respect, Love and always in ALL WAYS....
Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™