Saturday, November 6, 2010


To my unborn child,

I love you, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms, gaze into the miracle that Allah bestowed upon me, appreciate and give thanks to His Glory for blessing me with you, though I know that raising you will be a difficult task in this increasingly degenerating world, I will do my utmost best not to fail you as a Leader, a Role Model, a Human Being, and a Fair Father.

I want you to know, life is a blessing that God granted you, so don't take it for granted, go out there and make your dreams come true, live to be a positively-influential human being and don't let any of this world's pessimism, madness and negativity get to you. Don't be company to misery, instead, kick it to the curb and keep close to God, He truly Loves you, but you must Love yourself too, and help yourself so He can continue to Guide you. Know that nothing comes in life without hard work, patience, determination, drive, dedication and perseverance.

Keep Faith, it is your Moral compass in this shady world. But this world is not ugly, opposite of that, it's Beautiful once you appreciate the Beauty of the Landscapes that God has sculpted for our eyes to marvel at. It's the ugliness within people that you should be weary of. Be a good person, don't let yourself get taken advantage of, and don't take advantage of others. Always be righteous and fair with your dealings with everyone whom you come in contact with. As for friends, know that they'll come and they'll go, some will stay, and others will move away, but your Family will always be here for you.

Furthermore, don't let ANYBODY tell you that God doesn't exist, let them be, they don't want to believe, that's fine, that's their choice, but remember always that He is the One you should ALWAYS turn to if you're feeling lost and need guidance. I will be here for you, always no matter what. Also, forgive me if I will be strict on you, I will do it out of love, I gotta be tough, balance it with discipline, you'll thank me when you'll be older. Know that I, and whomever your mother will be, we love you endlessly, and we will do everything in our power to teach you the best possible values, so you can grow to be a spiritual intellectual humble grateful inspirational motivational human being.

I will be here for any advice you need. I cannot wait to read you bedtime stories, instill all the wisdom I've learned from my life into yours, I can't wait to play sports with you, take you out shopping, go on walks and talk about life with you, see you grow, see you become a wiser human being than your own father. I can't wait for the moment I hold you for the first time in my arms.... Insha'Allah.

Dear Allah, please protect my unborn children from evil, keep them always in your loving arms, guide them unto the righteous path as you have done with me, help me raise them into decent respectful down-to-earth intelligent faithful human beings, so they can continue to build what their father has started. Have mercy on them, forgive them for their sins, empower their faith, uplift their mind, and bless them with a successful prosperous joyful healthy life....... AMEEN.

Your Father.....

P.S.: Tupac Shakur was a great revolutionary lyrical Activist. He got caught up in the bad things with bad people, but remember him for his words of wisdom.