Sunday, January 23, 2011


Wussup Good Folks and Loyal Readers of this Insightful Blog,

For a while now I've made up my mind about taking a new direction in life, but I was waiting on a sign from God on when to announce it...... well, I got my divine sign today.

Since I could remember, I always loved music, and it gradually developed.  From writing poetry to lyrics, from beatboxing to freestyling, I liked pushing the limits of my creativity as far as I could.  I came up in the game of Hip-Hop in the golden era, when Tupac Shakur was still alive, I witnessed the realist do it.  I wanted to do the same thing.  I wanted to rep it not just for my own people's struggles, but struggles everywhere.  I still remember the first time I performed one of my songs... it feels like yesterday.  I got a standing ovation.  It was a crowd of 50 people, and I finally overcame stage-fright.  It felt incredible.

I went on to do shows on a monthly basis at the Towards Mecca Center, at a Hip-Hop/Poetry/Spoken Word night.  I got to meet Sofia Baig and The Sound Of Reason, to name a few prominent Muslims in the Music Industry.  Still, I felt no love, maybe politics, maybe cuz the event was managed by Sunnis, and I was born Shiite, and the message I was pushing was of Universal Love & Acceptance..... whatever it may be, I don't got any ill feelings towards anybody, I wish them all success and the best of Allah's rewards.

Afterwards I went through a series of failed partnerships, one even wished upon me hell and my own demise, all cuz I didn't wanna be his bitch.  Instead I wanted do music that would be uplifting or at least have some sort of a positive message in it.

I always think to myself, when I have children, I want them to look at their dad and be proud, and not be like 'Yo, dad was a Sell-out'.  That's always been on the back of my mind anytime I formed any alliances or did music business deals.

After a trip back to the 'Motherland', and getting the blessings of my aunts, I came back to Montreal and enrolled at Trebas Institute, in their Music Business Program.  I never enjoyed going to class as much as I did back then.  I was learning things I WANTED TO LEARN.  After graduating, I moved to Arizona.

Why Arizona??? I was dating a woman who lived there (my love life's been an adventure too), and they had one of the top 5 music schools in the country: the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences.  Well, it seems like God didn't plan it for me to stick in the States or go to that school or stay with that woman, so after a few years of painlessly trying everything legal I can possibly try to get a job, I moved back to Montreal.

Back to square one......  Had to rebuild myself again.......... Here we go: I joined the HitsFM Hits Squad, that summer was a blast, I met tons of cool people, did major networking and had fun.  I built up my own label: Introspective Records International Enterprise.  

Last year, I got back on the stage after at least a 5 years hiatus.  It felt good to command the Mic and feel the crowd's energy.  Thanks to a soul sister of mine, Marina and her boyfriend John G, they put me on to host the West Island Blues Festival.  It was awesome, to say the least.

I worked on one of my favorite young and up-and-coming MC's first mixtape for which he was very eager and excited to release 'Masta Khalifa - BACK TO THE BASICS'.  We got very positive feedback for it.  

Anyways, All this to say............. I've busted my ass, I've payed my dues, I enjoyed my time working in the music industry, I met really talented artists, I wish them all best of success, but I'm hanging up my jersey for the last time.  

The only thing I will probably contribute to is The Familia Univerzel Mixtapes - so long as the Warriors are down, I'll be down.  Or maybe, who knows, one day, I'll pass the torch.  

I learned a lot from the 'biz'.
-  Working for free don't get your work appreciated it.
-  And people ALMOST ALWAYS expect you to work for free.  
-  Artists have Egos, don't let it get to you.  
-  Being nice doesn't always get you through, you gotta be a jackass in specific situations, like standing your ground and believing in yourself. 
-  Be ready to receive feedback, positive or negative, filter out the hate and constantly work to improved your product.

Well, I ain't gonna give it all away......... So many more lessons, but we each have to learn our own.  So today, I finally chose to retire from the Music Industry.  It's been a fun ride, the memories are amazing, I appreciate all the good and bad, the disses and death-threats, the compliments and support, but it's time for Mr. MoeKeezy to move on to something bigger...... Thanks for all the love & loyalty.  

and always in ALL ways...