Friday, March 18, 2011


I post this up not as a commercial or to give them free publicity, but so that you - the reader - can be more aware that they are there, that they do exist and they are extremely powerful... but it's only because we (the People) ALLOW them to be.  We give them power by allowing them to indoctrinate us, to brainwash us with their programming and to follow the path they want us to take.  Once we STOP tuning in to their Mind-Control Box, and unplug ourselves from their Matrix-System, we CAN overthrow them.  We have to use their own tools against them, and completely disconnect.  I know... it's easier said than done... but it IS do-able. 

The presenter here looks -in my opinion- not 'spiritually' present (MK-Ultra maybe? Only God knows).  I know they have some of their people keeping tabs on me, I'm after all, not yet a threat to them, but they know what I know and I know that God knows what they're up to, and He -not anybody else no matter how hard they'll try- only He, God Almighty is the Greatest of Planners.  Plots and Schemes of Worldwide Domination & Control might be their goal but for us who see with our Soul, we know Faith - not secret clandestine deceitful anti-Societies- is the Righteous Way to Roll.

God is Great and the GREATEST.

Notice how they sell all the 'benefits' of joining them, but they don't tell you they want you to sacrifice your soul, your spirit's spot in paradise, in exchange for these cheap thrills in this temporary existence on this limited world.  

The only Brotherhood we need is the one with all of Humanity, and for that, you don't need to be secret about it. Word Muthablessin' Up.