Monday, May 9, 2011


God never created religions, He bestowed Divine Wisdom upon us, which came in different historical eras of humankind, from different prophets/messengers and in various languages.

Humans divided it, categorized it, and segregated each other.  God's Divine Message is Universal: Worship 1 God, Pray, Seek His Mercy & Guidance, Show Love towards one another, Stand Righteous against the Devil's temptations, and prepare humanity for the arrival of the Anti-Christ.

Extremists and radicals of any 'religion' will disagree with me, stating that their religion is the right one.  What they neglect is that it's not about religion, this life, this existence is a TEST OF FAITH.  Having Faith has nothing to do with Religion, and in many cases, being 'Religious' has nothing to do with Having Faith.  Very big misconception.

Just because you abide by the 'divine laws' doesn't necessarily mean you have Faith, and just because you have Faith, doesn't necessarily mean you're Religious (i.e. practice a specific religion's rules & laws).

Many of the 'religious' people I know only practice their respective religion because they'e been brought up into it, they've never questioned it for the sake of better understanding what they believe in and practice.  The way they pray is mechanical, robotic, no heart into it.  Blind Followers following other Blind Followers.  I'm not God, but my soul tells me that He'd rather Awakened Believers who understand what they believe in and that they've come to Him because they know, and believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that He Is The Source of All Creations.  That, in essence, is called 'Having FAITH'.

Picture this... A Candle.  That's your Soul.  But without Light, a candle is useless in a dark room.  The candle's purpose is to provide light, right? Same as your Soul.  However, without Faith, you cannot see through the darkness of this world.  That's why by believing, it lights up the Candle, i.e. your Soul.  

I'm not here to say which religion YOU should follow, practice and believe in.  That's not my prerogative.  I'm only simply put here to set things in perspective hopefully.  The road to your soul's redemption begins from within... the answers are in your Soul.  

Religions, sadly to say, whether religious people want to see it and admit it or not, have been infiltrated and diverted away from God.  I'm not accusing any one specific religion, I'm speaking in general.  Research what you believe, open your Soul, let it be guided by Faith, and God will open your soul's eyes and make you see.  Don't be afraid, fear takes you to hate.  Have Faith, it brings you towards love.  And all true people of Faith, have Love & Courage in their Hearts.

Take time and reflect about what you've just read... 

On that note, 
and always in ALL ways...