Tuesday, September 20, 2016

EMANCIPATION [Lyrical Poetry]

Dear God, I’m speaking from the heart
Please send us a sign, we need Your spark
This world’s gotten so messed up ugly & dark
Corrupted by greedy sociopathic old farts
Satanic sun-worshippers, society of infiltration
Witnessing the dissemination of devastation
Funding both sides of any confrontation
While spreading deception and misinformation
Conspiracy theory amalgamation or truthful analytical investigation
Unbiased non-partisan objective observations
Dissect the symbolic representations
The occult mathematical mystical calculations
The scientific over religious equation
Driving agnostics and atheists to proclaim some kind of revelation
When in fact it’s tactful deceit: long-term effects of predictive programmation
Controlled opposition and the illusion of freedom of choice:
Pre-emptive democracy or occupied liberation
Gotta bring Love back to the human civilization
Gotta awake Souls to seek out spiritual salvation
Gotta raise minds to higher consciousness elevation
Calling out God’s Angels to fight these evil nations
Politicians bought by sinister corporations
Priests abusing boys, sick pedophilic organizations
ISIS sodomizing the name of God, unholy affiliations
Music Execs oversexualizing young girls on their stations
Living in the Devil’s Paradise, what an Abomination
God, we need YOU to free us from this desecration

God help us all find our way home to you, grant us Emancipation.

written by M.O.E.C.A.S.H.
All Rights Reserved.
Copyright The M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Meet Lee Camp. He's funny. Real funny. But VERY ON POINT. It's not just political satire. It's TRUTH. 

Case in point:

Saturday, September 3, 2016


The cabal of globalist bankers, which many call the ruling elites or 'the powers that be', stay in power by keeping the rest of us busy killing/fighting/blaming/hating one another. They spark conflicts between us, turning us against each other. It benefits them, and only them, whenever there are wars, in whichever ugly forms they come in. What most people fail to see, is that there is a global concerted effort by the elites to destroy our faith in God, as well as our bond of humanity to one another.

They revel when a cop kills an innocent human being because of the colour of their skin. They rejoice when there's bigotry, xenophobia and islamophobia being spread on TV by so-called pundits, or even a Presidential candidate. They want us so busy and caught up in all this man-made drama, so it can lower the frequency of energy of the entire world, and plunges us into darkness. They need and feast on this dark energy. It is the only way they can welcome their false messiah, the Anti-Christ a.k.a. Dajjal. That is why LOVE IS THE ANSWER! Love is EMPOWERMENT, Love is a FORCE to be reckoned with. GOD IS LOVE, LOVE IS LIGHT, IT IGNITES THE LIGHT IN OUR THIRD EYE'S SIGHT AND AMPLIFIES OUR SOUL'S MIGHT! 

Know this... 
When people are shackled to debt, slaves to their jobs, numbers in the huge corporate soul-sucking machine that churns out disgusting profits which only benefits the 1%, when people are too busy spewing hatred, living in fear of those who are different than them, when people get disillusioned by the corrupt rigged political system, when people lose hope and give up faith and become mindless consumerist zombies whose only purpose is to get popularity and likes on social media by trying to emulate talentless reality tv personalities, when people in government abuse of their power and those who swore to uphold the law can't even hold them accountable, when people scapegoat entire communities for inequalities and injustices intentionally created by a system that is set up to divide us... when people turn a blind eye to suffering and truth, when people choose mindless entertainment and celebrity worship over their own spiritual enlightenment and salvation... when we loose sight of the fact that we're all brothers and sisters of humanity, we have a responsibility to each other and to future generations to take better care of this planet and our children, when people rather be ignorant than aware in an age of easily accessible information at our fingertips, when any of this happens and those who raise awareness get mocked or ignored, that's when The 1% Wins!!!

So...the message here is plain and simple: DON'T.LET.THEM.WIN. Be Wiser. Don't get fooled by their games of deception of divide and conquer. Don't fall for their cheap tricks and illusions and especially not for their bought-and-paid-for politicians and mainstream media outlets. 

WE ARE ONE. Stand on the side of PEACE, TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Don't let them make you feel powerless! They are afraid that if more and more people awakened and became aware of how truly POWERFUL we are, when we're all united, diverse and unique in our own colourful wonderful ways, we can EASILY overthrow them, by rejecting their currencies of enslavement, their policies of endless wars for profits, and their charade of political puppets.

They are the few, WE ARE THE MANY. WE FAR OUTNUMBER THE POWERS THAT BE, without us, THEY CANNOT SURVIVE OR SUSTAIN THEIR LAVISH LIFESTYLES built off of our hard work, sacrifices and energies. As God is my witness I testify that if all peace-loving people of all faiths and cultures overcome our petty differences, come together in the name of Universal Love, and combine our collective evolved spiritual intellectual prowess, and strive for a common goal for the sake of our children and their children, we can DEFEAT our common enemy and the biggest threat to the human civilisation, I'm talking about those who want to play gods here on earth, the sick twisted satanic insatiable sociopaths: the globalist bankers, the 1%.

Remember... they will use every dirty trick in the book to make us hate each other and loose trust in one another by sowing seeds of doubt and discord between us, and even plant infiltrators and instigators to sabotage any positive uplifting unifying humanitarian movement. We can't let them turn us against each other, that's how THEY win. Know their tactics. Outwit and outplay them. It's a chess game, and they're already 4 steps ahead of us, but the match isn't over yet. We got something they don't, we have GOD THE ALMIGHTY AND ALL-KNOWING AND ALL-POWERFUL on our side. The more faith we have in God, the stronger our resolve to achieve spiritual victory and restoring peaceful harmony around the world will be, and don't let them divide you between religions either, One God, One Love, One People!!!

Peace, Respect,
and always in all wayz.....