Friday, December 29, 2017


I love this show, the host Lee Camp is poignantly funny and always on point. 

Side note: to hear truth, we gotta turn to Comedians nowadays, cuz souled-out News Anchors on FAKESTREAM meda are nothing but clowns (i.e. paid shills) peddling propaganda serving up daily doses of Globalist Zionist Bankers Crime Syndicate warmongering political-theatre narratives. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


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If video below doesn't appear or play, please click HERE to go to official site & watch the full documentary for free.

AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version. Copyright Esponda Productions LLC  #AnOpenSecret from Matt Valentinas on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


In case you're living under a rock, than you'd realize today's vote at the United Nations General Assembly to condemn the US unilateral decision to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Al-Quds Jerusalem was of great importance, extremely significant to say the least.

Significant because it signified that the world is changing, and there is a slow shift of global superpower. 


Donald Trump made headlines few weeks ago, which consequently sparked fresh waves of protests (what else is new when this man opens his mouth?!) across the Middle East and the rest of the world, when he decided to pay patronage to his Zionist masters. And let's cut the crap, MOST -if not all- US PRESIDENTS are puppets of the Globalist Zionist Bankers Crime Syndicate aka the Rothschild. This is NOT conspiracy talk, this is REAL TALK! Get with it or Get off this site! :)

So defiant and brazenly arrogant in their determination to make Jerusalem the new core of the NWO headquarters (to usher in their false messiah: the AntiChrist), they even made THREATS to any country which would not support the US unilateral decision of recognizing Al-Quds Al-Sharif (aka Jerusalem) as Israel's capital. But these are a changing times, and the world is slowly but surely getting royally fed up of the colonial militaristic imperial hegemony of the biggest puppet of the Rothschild, the USA. 

Look, I'm not trying to demonize an entire people, only its governing body, the backward wayward dysfunctional administration that has lost touch with reality. I'm cool with Americans, but the policies of regime change and puppet states, and global military bases, and influencing other nations domestic/foreign policies is finally coming back full circle... Karma, it takes time, but it does come back around. 

Here is the entire emergency meeting held at the UN General Assembly. 

You'll see and hear how several countries made clear and concise, factual arguments for how the US decision goes against several pre-existing UN resolutions, therefore breaking international laws. 


Trump is a puppet (although his MAGA supporters and hardcore neo-conservative right-wingers will definitely disagree with that statement. FYI I'm not a leftist, centrist or democrat or a liberal nutjob, fuck all those dumbass labels, I'm just ME!). 

He might not know it but he is, (((they))) set him up to fail. Why, because they wanted to 'test the waters' so to speak, but mainly to see who would actually oppose Israel and the US (taking names, that's what Nikki Haley openly said). Trump's just the fall guy. They constantly vilify him in mainstream/establishment/zionist media but when it comes to issues affecting Israel, he's their number 1 hero. In one breath they'll say he supports Fascists, Nazis and/or White Supremacists, which they denounce and loath, and in the next breath, they're all happy he supports another radical group of racists whose ideology is causing much chaos around the world.. zionism. It's all part of political theatre. A freak show. A big circus. Maybe he's too pompous to even notice it or too distracted to realize that he's getting played (like a chump) by the circle around him, especially his son-in-law... The Trump Dynasty has been infiltrated, let's leave it at that. His decision to want to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, most probably in his mind, has little to do with appeasing Israel, and moreso to play to his core supporters, the Bible Belt and (Christian Zionist) Evangelicals. 

That said, those could be the underlying motivations behind Trump's (Twilight Zone) decision. 


I wanted to use this blog entry to focus more on the results of the UN General Assembly vote that took place today on whether to condemn the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and declare it as the capital of Israel. 

Here's the final tally (more or less, couldn't find a more up to date version)

An overwhelming majority of member states voiced their discontent at the US decision and stood up to its bullying tactics of threats and intimidation. Suffice to say, this was a historic monumental moment for humanity, and a symbolic victory for the oppressed indigenous people of Palestine.


Notable votes to abstain are two of US's top trading partners, Mexico and Canada, who are entangled in ongoing negotiations with Trump's administration on updating or scrapping the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Neither country, I suppose, wanted to shoot themselves in the foot, and risk the ire of the US delegates at the negotiations table. In other words, they played it very safe. 


Notable votes IN FAVOUR of the resolution are ALL FIVE MEMBERS of the BRICS Alliance. And this is EXTREMELY indicative of where the power shift globally is heading. BRICS is the alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (hence, the initials is the first letter of each of those countries). 

2017 has seen an increase in Russian and Chinese influence, both geopolitically and economically, in different parts of the world. Russia helped Syria to defeat and eradicate ISIS, as well as build itself an alliance with the regional powers of Turkey and Iran, thereby cementing itself as a reliable partner in the fight against terrorism (IS has been proven factually to be a proxy for CIA and Mossad in a failed bid to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government). 

China, through its One Belt One Road Initiative, is expanding its sphere of influence through trade. Also, China is shaking up the way business is normally done, by introducing the PetroYuan, as an alternative to the PetroDollar (which is used to pretty much prop up the fiat US currency by tying it with the sale of oil/petroleum, hence the name). It is a direct challenge to the US hegemony of militaristic adventurism/ colonialism. Although the PetroYuan is still in its infancy phase, let us note that other nations who tried to buy/sell oil by bypassing the US PetroDollar were invaded and devastated. Talking about Iraq and Libya. 


In Iraq's case, it wanted to use Euros, but that didn't fly, so (non-existent) WMDs were used as an excuse for a pre-emptive invasion and subsequent occupation of the US military. As for Libya, well, Gaddafi wanted to introduce a single currency, such as the Euro, but for the entire African continent, and have it backed by GOLD. That would have completely shifted power from the US, whose fiat currency is mainly sustained by the PetroDollar, and would have enriched the entire continent of Africa... So, that didn't fly either. In both cases of Iraq and Libya, they were invaded, but most importantly, their entire gold reserves were looted and stolen. 

China is neither of those smaller nations. It has a fierce military capable of competing with that of the US. It is also, more importantly, a Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council with the coveted VETO power. A whole new ball game here. US cannot simply invade like it did in previous cases. China is playing its cards right, focusing on its One Belt One Road Initiative, knowing that that's where the future is heading.

The end-result of the vote at the UN General Assembly is that it demonstrated that the US influence as a global superpower is gradually waining and fading away, thanks to its pro-zionist policies which hinder its image and reputation as some kind of neutral party capable of brokering peace between Israel and Palestine.

It is important to mention that the US has used its VETO power to shield Israel from any persecution of its war crimes by any UN resolutions, at least 43 times so far. If that's not an abuse of power, don't know what is. Also, it is extremely evident that most -if not all- of US domestic and/or foreign policies are heavily influenced by AIPAC, an Israeli lobby that promotes Israel's colonial agenda (and perhaps even colludes with US politicians/lawmakers) to shape laws which always favour the best interests of Israel, even if it's at America's detriment. This type of one-sided tunnel-vision corruptly-biased politics is what's truly hindering America's progress and prosperity. To make America great, first step is to shut down AIPAC... but what do I know, they'll just label this as antisemitism because I want what's best for the world as well as for Americans. 


The vote at the UNGA is non-binding, meaning, it cannot force the US to do anything. It is simply a grandiose gesture, for the entire world to send a clear message to both US and Israel: bullying will not work or be tolerated, there are sensitive issues which affect the entire world and no threats or intimidation will get you your way, it's time to sit down, act like grown ups, and resolve this in a mature civilized diplomatic manner in accordance to UN resolution and charter as well as with respect to international laws. 

Yes, the victory is more symbolic than anything else. It is unclear whether or not this will make the US change its mind about its decision to relocate its embassy or actually follow through on its threats. But at the very least, for a day, most of the world was finally united against colonial policies of hatred, bigotry and oppression, and in support of the Palestinian's right to self-determination, and in defence of the Holiest Site on Earth: Al Quds Jerusalem. 

May Peace, Justice and Righteousness prevail over divisiveness, deception and mundane threats.



Tuesday, December 19, 2017



Wanted to share a blog I wrote (it was my 3rd ever on this site) exactly 10 years ago today. 

It is as important now as it was back then, as the political landscape hasn't really changed all that much. Different puppets, same masters (i.e. the Globalist Zionist Bankers Crime Syndicate aka the Rothschild Cabal), same plan to usher in the reign of their messiah, the Anti-Christ. And with the recent declaration that the US intends to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the Holy City of Al-Quds Jerusalem, they are close to achieving their sinister satanic goals. 

Only difference between then and now, from what I've noticed, is that thanks to a handful of remaining independent media sources, as well as to many truth-seeking free-thinkers exposing the hidden hand of the 'powers that were', there is a growing number of woke people out there. It's a major improvement from a decade ago, definitely, however, we still got a LOT more work to do. 

Here's my blog, written 10 years ago today, wow, TIME FLIES. I pray 10 years from now, God-willing I'm still here, that I can post about a more peaceful prosperous harmonious world, where the evil reptilian overlords have been completely exposed and fully disposed of as well as their self-serving system of enslaving humanity entirely uprooted and totally dismantled, oh and that we have full disclosure about contact with benevolent ETs, and that have become a galaxy-exploring civilization (we already are, but that's the secret space program shhhhhh! LOL). Wishful thinking, I know, but without hope (((they))) win, so never give up, never cave in, we gotta Stay Strong, Keep On Keepin' On, because through Love, the Righteous will Rise Up. Victory is for those who never loose hope!!! 



If You're Not a Micro Chip (yet), Read This.

Dec 19, 2007.

Dear God... I write because I am trying to understand what's going on in this world. I see so much corruption, evil, tyranny, disgusting vile acts of pure cannibalism, yet... yet.... No One Seems to Care. Actually, I lie... Very Few seem to Care.

I think I might come across as crazy to some people cuz I believe in God so much, to that point that I think I seem like I'm in my own little bubble. As much as I am perfectly comfortable in my solitude, I know deep down that there's nothing like knowing I am not alone in this world... by communicating, sharing and exchanging Thoughts and dialog with another Soul Being... a Human Being. 

Wow... here I am doing that, with somebody out there, though it seems like I am typing to a bunch of microchips. I guess as evil internet can be, it can still be used for good. A portal to the entire world. Here's an analogy for people that doubt we have a Soul or that God does exist. 
Like internet is for us, Our Soul is to God. I'll let you ponder that... no, this ain't 'high talk' either ;-)
To elaborate, Just like the internet is our personal portal to the rest of the world, our Soul is God's portal to Our World. That's why when we die, our world ends, our Soul leaves our body and returns to God, awaiting Judgment Day, and the Consequence of our actions undertaken during the span of our life here on Mother Earth. 

Once again I stress the importance of Choice. We choose our Fate in the after-life. 

Look around you... Look at the holocaust in Palestine. I'm Human enough to admit that Terrorism has no place in the pure message of Islam, my Jewish brothers must do the same. Realize how misled Zionism is, just like how Radical Fundamentalism is. Both are one and the same. Perversion of God's Holy Message of Love, Unity, Justice & Freedom. If you're going to sell me the idea that blowing up innocent people is acceptable by God, you're only fooling yourself. Parallel to that is Zionism... if you're going to tell me that the destruction of Family's homes, children's schools, ill people's hospitals is the Word of God, you are also fooling yourself. And those who perpetuate or aid in furthering that work of evil are only choosing their sad demise. 

So, go ahead... hate me, mislead yourself by calling me Anti-Semitic. (Biggup Brother Chamz-Dean for enlightening me about this by the way). Do people really know how unoffensive it is to call an Arab, Anti-Semitic??? They're actually just describing what we're not. We Are Semitic, meaning we come from the ancient family of tribes of Semites, which comprised Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Akkadian, Ge'ez, Hebrew, Phoenician, Maltese, Tigre and Tigrinya among others (Source: Interesting how it says Hebrew, not Jewish. For some strange reason, Anti-Antisemitism has become a synonym for Anti-Jewish. Who controls the media? Not Jewish people. Zionists do, this is the proof. Are you beginning to see the 'bigger' picture yet? Evil that is so deceiving it is using religion to do its bidding. It is the duty of Muslims to speak up against Terrorism, as much as is it the duty of Jewish people to speak up against Zionism. God doesn't want us to kill each other in the name of some piece of land, especially if this piece of land is considered Holy... in other words, a place of Purity not Bloodshed, of Peace and Justice not of Wars and Oppression. 

I am looking at evil dead in the eye. I am not afraid of it. I have God's love in my Heart, Our Prophets' Courage in my Soul, and the complete and utter conviction that Heaven is where I want my Soul to go. Who's gonna stop me? George Bush? FBI? Negative self-hating Haters? They are more of motivations to me than they are roadblocks to getting to the heart of our human society... each and every one of you. 

Reading this may lead you to question a lot of things, but it should confirm you're most deepest doubt, the one that is slowly breaking the fabric of Humanity and turning us back into savages... Faith in God. 

Monday, November 20, 2017


THE STORY OF STUFF... where it comes from, how it's changed into consumer goods, how it's distributed, how's it's discarded, and the human as well as environmental costs involved. 

Please watch and share this.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Buy 'The Law of One'

If you're a Truth Seeker looking to Break through the Matrix, and Ascend Spiritually to a Higher Density of Consciousness, than I highly recommend reading 'The Law of One - The Ra Material'

This book is in the form of an actual conversation, a series of interviews done through channeling, with an Extra-Terrestrial entity known as 'Ra'. Ra explains that their race of beings once visited our spaceship/planet Earth long ago, and that their has been countless ET visitations to various ancient civilizations across the globe throughout space/time. These beings came here to share knowledge and technology in order to help the human race evolve to a higher degree of awareness and density of existence. 

The Law of One begins with the explanation of the Pyramids and their intended purpose, as well as how they were built. I don't want to get into it too much because the book does cover a lot of material, too much to unpack here. 

Click following link to buy your copy of this profoundly deep cosmic knowledge book:

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


"God IS Eternal Love/Light.Anything that opposes Love, and spreads darkness through hate, is not Godly.Whatever doctrine, philosophy or ideology that does NOT foster and promote UNIVERSAL LOVE/ONENESS, is therefore unGodly and should not be associated with, for it will only ultimately lead to destruction/corruption of self."

- ProFOUND The Lyricist™ 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


It feels good to be back. Had to take a much-needed long-overdue hiatus from blogging. Needed to disconnect from the virtual world, and reconnect to the inner spiritual world in order to ascend to higher levels of cosmic consciousness and enlightened awareness.

During that time, I have gone through a rebirth of sorts, I prefer to call it a SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Our physical being is the hardware, like the phone or computer you're using to access this site. Our Consciousness, is the SOFTWARE, and just like the regular updates the OS (Operating System) we perform every couples of weeks or months on smartphones and PCs, our Consciousness needs to be dusted off and upgraded too. Solitude, meditation, soul-searching, prayer, deep introspective reflections are all ways to upgrade the Software of our Soul, aka our Highest Consciousness. 

I have shed the Old Self of M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™ (Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity). I have fully embraced my Ascended Masters who are guiding me to be reborn anew, and they have blessed me with the title of ProFOUND The Lyricist™, which encompasses all my previous creative aliases and artistic personas and all my skills and talents. No, I'm not on psychedelics, the only HIGH I'm on is DIVINE LOVE, best non-drug drug ever, NO SIDE EFFECTS! Thanks to the love of my life, my one and only sweet loving Twin Flame, I am in touch with my mystic gifts of Clairvoyance and Channeling Divine Benevolent Angels. I accept that God Almighty has bestowed upon me many beautiful gifts, and I will answer my Higher Calling to continue to awaken humanity, one heart, mind and soul at a time. As a Lyricist, Philosopher, Clairvoyant, Channeller, Certified Life Coach, Spiritualist, Activist, Producer, Poet, Awakener of Minds, Elevator of Spirituality, Raiser of Consciousness, I will fulfill my divine duty during this earthly existence, so help me God! 

From now on, you can expect regular updates, posts that will keep pulling back the curtain which veils us from the bitter truth of our manufactured reality, a reality carefully crafted, thoroughly designed and socially engineered by a cabal of psychopathic zionist satanist bankers who seek to keep humanity enslaved to ego and vices of the Lower Self, thereby (desperately) maintaining their (gradually decaying) power structure. 

The only way to evolve is through LOVE. Don't let anyone take your powerful gift of LOVE away. You are STRONGER than you think, just believe in yourself. The path to elevated consciousness is not without peril, it forces us to face our inner demons, to overcome them, to look into the mirror, peer deeply into our souls, re-examine our life choices, and decide that self-destructive habits serve no use beside keeping the elitists in power, it's time to GROW, it's time to AWAKEN our Highest Self, the pot of divine gold embedded within us, and finally, go beyond the limitations of outdated methodologies and practices and beliefs, and realize we are ONE with the UNIVERSE. 

Much Love!!!

Blessings be unto you always in ALL ways.

ProFOUND The Lyricist™

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Too many bluepills put there, not enough redpills. 

Bluepills believe everything MSM and the gov tells them, they live in the rat race, they shape their identity by what they own and wear and drive and where they live and associate their success to their bank accounts and stature, they are in the pursuit of shallow superficial material meaningless success which offers zero spiritual growth, they don't seek to expand consciousness, they are way too comfortable living in denial of all the rampant corruption and injustices, they choose to believe that they are powerless, they have a tendency to be apathetic or indifferent to the suffering of others, it's all about feeding their ego, and the only form of spirituality they seek is one which limits them to the secure confines of conformity.

The redpills, they are few but their numbers are steadily growing. They seek to awaken others as they themselves continually strive to achieve higher consciousness and enlightenment. They see things as they are, they do research, they investigate, analyze, ask questions and revise their original preconceived indoctrination of themselves and the world. They pose a threat to the power structure of the elites, they don't conform and aren't afraid to overcome cognitive dissonance when and if ever it arises. They are God's warriors, who believe in the hard undeniable proof of the existence of one Higher Divine Intelligent Creator and willingly submit to reconnect their Spirit, mind and heart to that source energy field. They don't fall for politricks,  they want the best for all of humanity and the planet.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Year after year, past 'conspiracy theories' are coming to light as now being TRUE. 

The most baffling mind-boggling thing is people are not that bothered by it. They've become so used to living in a Big Brother type of world, conditioned to believe in the notion that "if you got nothing to hide, then you got nothing to fear, so who cares what they see or hear you doing without your knowledge or even consent". They have taken away our privacy and replaced it with a very false sense of security. This is exactly what globalist bankers want: a slave apathetic society they can easily control, deceive and manipulate. 

The problem with CIA using hacking methods to spy on anyone at anytime is that they have ZERO oversight, they don't have to answer to the people, they don't have to answer to anyone. This is VERY daunting. Anyone who is not at all bothered by a spy agency that doesn't have any checks and balances, is only fooling themselves.

The question is what can we do about it? Well, we can take measure first and foremost to protect our privacy by using social media responsibly, there's no need to publish so much of your life out here on the web, most people simply don't care what you had for lunch, where you went to vacation, what you bought at the mall, etc. Most people are just curious, they want to compete and compare themselves with others, and social media preys on the insecure because it creates a vacuum of validation and confirmation which no outside source can ever truly fulfill. Point being, we can take measure to protect our privacy by limiting our use of social media and restricting posts of our private personal life. 

Another way, is write to your elected officials, put pressure on them to close loopholes that allow spy agencies to tread all over our rights to privacy. We are not the enemy, so we are not the ones they should spy on. People just want to live in peace, make a decent living, and try to enjoy life. It's the devils in the deep state (i.e. shadow government) that need to be checked so that they do not abuse of their positions to exert dominance over all of us... Hope it's not too late for that.

One more way, if our voices and choices aren't heard, then the best way to make sure they cannot ignore our collective call to curtail their global surveillance program, is to use the power of the dollar. Don't buy/support products and services that enable backdoor to peek inside your home and invade your privacy. 

Those are just 3 examples we can do something to stand up for our rights. At this point in time, Privacy is a Commodity, and if we don't do anything, privacy will be a thing of the past!


Friday, March 10, 2017


Jimmy Dore speaks what's on a lot of people's minds, his comedic skills are sharp, and oh man, I love his rants, because not only are they funny, they are SO ON POINT!!!

The DEMOCRAPS, do NOT represent working class, they're a neo-liberal corporatist party with NO MESSAGE, NO REAL POLICIES, NO SUBSTANCE and DEVOID of any Consciousness Whatsoever!!!

Make no mistake, the RepubliCons aren't any better. But for the DNC to loose to an inexperienced un-eloquent orange-colored character like Trump, signals that the party which formerly spoke and stood for the middle-class is officially FINISHED, they are as IRRELEVANT to the times as Wall Street is relevant Main Street. 

Make no mistake though, the puppet-masters who pull the strings behind the scenes, the wealthy greedy sociopathic satanic faux-Jewish bankers hegemony, who seek to implode the U.S. & the E.U. so they can install their One World Government, they have set all of this into motion. This is all part of their clandestine anti-Godly sinister plans to usher in the age of grand deception, so they can welcome their false messiah, they Anti-Christ.

Hats off to Jimmy Dore, for nailing it on the head, how DISGUSTING and BOUGHT-OUT the DNC has become. Sad, sad... so fucking sad. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017


The Deep State refers to the Shadow Government which the public does not see, but who actually hold political power through their economic/financial influence. The Deep State controllers have subverted and infiltrated every branch of government and have their agents in key decision-making positions, they pull the strings behind the scenes, which shape a country's domestic and foreign policies according to their benefit. 

Conspiracy theory or truth? Open your mind, study the facts, research history, and make up your own mind. Not here to brainwash anyone, quite the opposite. The goal is to encourage deep thought, hopefully to free your mind from the deep state's methodical and thorough indoctrination of the masses.



Friday, February 24, 2017


Oh man, Jimmy Dore, he kills it every time with his poignant punchlines. YOU DA MAN, JIM!!! Keep doing what you do, BTM supports you 100%.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017



DISCLAIMER: This blog and its author does not prescribe to or advocate any form of ethnic or religious supremacy. 

The video contains certain statements which are indeed historical evidence which prove that the true Jews are Israelite Hebrews who originated from the continent of Africa. 

The views expressed in this herein video does not represent the views of the author of this blog.






"Jewish", applying the syntax of English language, such as '12ish' or 'Red-ish', is pertaining to a Jew, it is similar to but not necessarily the same as a true Jew.

You are either a Jew, someone who practices Judaism, or Jewish, some who associates to Judaism but doesn't necessarily practice the religion. Jewish can indeed be secular and not even religious at all, because they don't prescribe to the Judaic religion and only seek to acquire a cultural/ethnic/religious identity which is not necessarily or rightfully their own.

This is a very complex topic which cannot simply be summed up with one video or one post. 

This is NOT intended to attack or alienate anyone who is honestly wholeheartedly practicing the religion of Judaism. It is intended to instigate deep reflection, research and contemplation. 


Friday, February 17, 2017


  Here's the deal folks, when you're the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of weapons, when you're in the business of profiting the military industrial complex, you have but one choice: to continually create conditions which favour perpetual warfare. And if your central bank is controlled by a sociopathic bankers hegemony, all your domestic and foreign policies will reflect and promote endless military interventions and black ops around the world. First, to test all your new "cool" state-of-the-art high-tech military gadgets. And second, to keep fattening the pockets of bankers who fund wars on both sides so you can keep the wheels of destruction turning because that's how the military industrial complex survives. 

  Every US administration is subject to these rules. Any president who dares to change this status quo doesn't live to see the end of their term. That's the sad harsh barbaric reality we live in. When you're bombing multiple countries, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people including children, when you're the source creating so much devastation and an alarming refugee crisis, when you're exporting wars and selling BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of arms to countries which harbour radical ideologies, you are unmistakably the Top Sponsor of Terrorism. 

  This is not a pro-this or anti-that post. This is not a matter of opinion or perspective. This is fact-based truth, not made-up mumbo jumbo pie in the sky crap. Wish it wasn't so, but it is what it is. Until we face the blunt reality, and then work to understand how we got here, then we're doomed to keep repeating humankind's catastrophic history.

  Wars don't have to happen, they are now manufactured, they are engineered, and they are sold to the public as unselfish acts of liberation based on valour and honour, couldn't be farther from the truth. The repercussions and fallouts of wars are completely filtered out from our daily consumption of mass media. It is therefore not a secret that wars are tragic, that wars breed animosity and contempt, and sow seeds of anger and hatred. 

Praying for things to change and for more people to wake up. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


So it's been a couple of weeks now that Donald J. Trump has been President, and it's been irregular and chaotic to say the least. Whether anti-establishment people see it or not, or choose to be denial of it or not, The Donald is definitely part of the Rothchild's plans. 

When I refer to Rothchild, I am referring to a notorious and nefarious banking dynasty, who are 'Jews' only by name, and have been diligently at work for at least a century to mold the world into their image. And that image is very satanic, very sadistic, and definitely anti-Godly in every way possible.

You have to understand, and as proved in various historical documentaries posted on this site, the Rothchild have a hand in undermining the sovereignty of nations. They do so by instigating conflicts and wars, then funding both sides, whereby it gives them a way to infiltrate those nations by installing central banks which they have a control over, through which they keep nations perpetually indebted to them, through something called fractional reserve banking and fiat currency. I digress. 

How does Trump fit in all their plans? Simple. First of all, Rothchild agents are already well-entrenched within every branch of government, and especially within the administration, regardless of who is the president, i.e. their puppet. Now although Trump promised and campaigned on slogans like 'DRAIN THE SWAMP', as we've all come to know, he has done anything but drain it, he's filled it to the brim. Which is EXACTLY what Rothchild and banking dynasties alike want. They want the President to be the 'fall guy', especially a guy like Trump who's not very well-polished like his predecessor was, and whom the mainstream media has been very good at framing as the 'bad guy' in all of this, completely neglecting the fact that it's the corruption within the rigged/failed political system which resulted in him being elected in the first place.

Trump is very easy to hate on, he says and does things that make people uncomfortable, he comes off as a bigot, he isn't charming with women or visible minorities, his only appeal is to people frustrated with the status quo and desperately wanting change. As former commander-in-chief Barack Obama proved, who campaign heavily on CHANGE, Presidents don't have any real power to create substantial change. 

Back to Trump, who has revealed the ugliness of politics, and to some extent, unmasked that there's a hidden hand controlling foreign and domestic policies, is the perfect scapegoat. Mainstream media can rally against him, subjecting him to scrutiny, which all works to the advantage of zionist banking globalists and their satanic agenda. Order out of chaos is the modus operandi of the elites. Get the masses indoctrinated to hate nationalism by vilifying patriotism, they will be more than eager to reject the notion of national identity and thus will passively even willingly accept a borderless world with a one world government, one central world bank, one global police state, completely under surveillance, micro-shipped and without any personal freedom. Our nightmare is the Rothchild banking dynasty's utopia. 

The more people play into the hatred of Trump, which is not too difficult considering his staunch stance on immigration and deregulation, the more people will play right into the hands of the Rothchild regime. 

I'm not saying love Trump, or just blindly accept his backwards outdated xenophobic policies. Not at all. All I'm saying is BE AWARE that this is all engineered by the powers that be, in order to persuade the masses to willingly accept the satanic world order. Knowing is half the battle.

Whether you identify yourself as liberal or conservative, as democrat or republican, know this: the Rothchild don't have any allegiance to any political party, it's the contrary, politicians are subservient to the elitist banking hegemony. 

We, the people of the world, who only want freedom, equality and peace, refuse to be subjugated to the Rothchild tyranny. Get Woke and STAY WOKE!