Monday, March 13, 2017


Year after year, past 'conspiracy theories' are coming to light as now being TRUE. 

The most baffling mind-boggling thing is people are not that bothered by it. They've become so used to living in a Big Brother type of world, conditioned to believe in the notion that "if you got nothing to hide, then you got nothing to fear, so who cares what they see or hear you doing without your knowledge or even consent". They have taken away our privacy and replaced it with a very false sense of security. This is exactly what globalist bankers want: a slave apathetic society they can easily control, deceive and manipulate. 

The problem with CIA using hacking methods to spy on anyone at anytime is that they have ZERO oversight, they don't have to answer to the people, they don't have to answer to anyone. This is VERY daunting. Anyone who is not at all bothered by a spy agency that doesn't have any checks and balances, is only fooling themselves.

The question is what can we do about it? Well, we can take measure first and foremost to protect our privacy by using social media responsibly, there's no need to publish so much of your life out here on the web, most people simply don't care what you had for lunch, where you went to vacation, what you bought at the mall, etc. Most people are just curious, they want to compete and compare themselves with others, and social media preys on the insecure because it creates a vacuum of validation and confirmation which no outside source can ever truly fulfill. Point being, we can take measure to protect our privacy by limiting our use of social media and restricting posts of our private personal life. 

Another way, is write to your elected officials, put pressure on them to close loopholes that allow spy agencies to tread all over our rights to privacy. We are not the enemy, so we are not the ones they should spy on. People just want to live in peace, make a decent living, and try to enjoy life. It's the devils in the deep state (i.e. shadow government) that need to be checked so that they do not abuse of their positions to exert dominance over all of us... Hope it's not too late for that.

One more way, if our voices and choices aren't heard, then the best way to make sure they cannot ignore our collective call to curtail their global surveillance program, is to use the power of the dollar. Don't buy/support products and services that enable backdoor to peek inside your home and invade your privacy. 

Those are just 3 examples we can do something to stand up for our rights. At this point in time, Privacy is a Commodity, and if we don't do anything, privacy will be a thing of the past!


Friday, March 10, 2017


Jimmy Dore speaks what's on a lot of people's minds, his comedic skills are sharp, and oh man, I love his rants, because not only are they funny, they are SO ON POINT!!!

The DEMOCRAPS, do NOT represent working class, they're a neo-liberal corporatist party with NO MESSAGE, NO REAL POLICIES, NO SUBSTANCE and DEVOID of any Consciousness Whatsoever!!!

Make no mistake, the RepubliCons aren't any better. But for the DNC to loose to an inexperienced un-eloquent orange-colored character like Trump, signals that the party which formerly spoke and stood for the middle-class is officially FINISHED, they are as IRRELEVANT to the times as Wall Street is relevant Main Street. 

Make no mistake though, the puppet-masters who pull the strings behind the scenes, the wealthy greedy sociopathic satanic faux-Jewish bankers hegemony, who seek to implode the U.S. & the E.U. so they can install their One World Government, they have set all of this into motion. This is all part of their clandestine anti-Godly sinister plans to usher in the age of grand deception, so they can welcome their false messiah, they Anti-Christ.

Hats off to Jimmy Dore, for nailing it on the head, how DISGUSTING and BOUGHT-OUT the DNC has become. Sad, sad... so fucking sad. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017


The Deep State refers to the Shadow Government which the public does not see, but who actually hold political power through their economic/financial influence. The Deep State controllers have subverted and infiltrated every branch of government and have their agents in key decision-making positions, they pull the strings behind the scenes, which shape a country's domestic and foreign policies according to their benefit. 

Conspiracy theory or truth? Open your mind, study the facts, research history, and make up your own mind. Not here to brainwash anyone, quite the opposite. The goal is to encourage deep thought, hopefully to free your mind from the deep state's methodical and thorough indoctrination of the masses.