Thursday, March 26, 2020


Everything, literally every single thing I've been wanted to say in regards to this 'pandemic' (read PLANNEDemic), David Icke explains so clearly and succinctly and comprehensively in this interview. It's a Must-Watch for EVERY ONE. 

Stuck home, in lock down like the rest of the world, got 2 hours to spare? Then do YOURSELF and your LOVED ONES a favor and WATCH THIS, then SHARE and POST all over Social Media 

Important Note: Never mind the fluoridated sheep or zombie skeptics who are completely indoctrinated to defend the system that which enslaves them, just plant the seeds of Higher Consciousness. Don't take their rebuttals personally, it's just their Cognitive Dissonance kicking in to try and protect the illusion of reality they've been brainwashed to believe in their entire lives. Just leave the breadcrumbs to Truth and be on your way. You CANNOT change their minds, it's totally and entirely up to them. Do your part in the Great Awakening, do it with and through LOVE, and be on your way.  

(FYI: You DON'T have to agree with everything David Icke says, I certainly don't. Like always, take everything with a grain of salt, and examine all he exposes through the lenses of rationality and logic. Much of what Icke has said in the past has come to pass or is happening as we speak. Is he a Shill or Controlled Opposition? Personally, don't think so but anything's possible and you are free to make up your own mind.)

Saturday, March 21, 2020


We are indeed living in some precarious times
So they require, a collaboration of more awakened and aware minds
What... don't tell me you ain't seeing the Signs
The Signs emanating from a Source Divine, 
a Blinding Light that can make the ego go blind

I know, it looks bleak out there... but what if?
What if, let's say, the Universe, the Living Cosmos, is responding to our Frequency, our Energy... our Collective Consciousness. . .

What if, let's say, here's a totally random thought, what if, we're being taught a really tough lesson in humility, in keeping our dignity, despite the desperation and disparity, to look in the face of calamity, Rise Up to the corruption of the Oiligarchy.

Calling ALL OF HUMANITY, what we need right now, is neither gluttony nor vanity, naw, what we need is something spelled H-O-P-E, without it we cannot have Trust, and trust is required and essential for Unity, you see, it's a chess game in 5 D.
Sorta like 'dimensions' but think of it as Density.

Evolution is what we've come to believe. Darwinism right? that's what they call it, then so be the case, we must EVOLVE Spiritually Consciously so we can be in sync and in harmony, with Nature and its rhythm. Maybe, what if, let's consider the fact that Earth has perhaps reached a tipping point, and it is in the process of self-regulating... what if? They believe we've Evolved from apes yet, somehow, they've lost touch with Nature... Thus, resulting in this current Imbalance. Or is it something more sinister? a plannedemic to usher in the AntiChrist World Order ? ? ? I pray not.

How many are truly, authentically seeking Enlightenment, yes indeed it is important, now moreso than ever before, however, that's only a tool, the compass for the Soul... and what is a compass good for, without having a Map to know and have some type of idea of where you're heading... That's what Faith is. It's a map for your soul, to guide you through life's many hardships and pitfalls.

Sometimes, some times it feels like a cloud hanging over our heads, but when has incessant suffering and self-loathing did anyone any good. All this to say, what can we never give up? HOPE. Say it loud: NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! Because Hope is like a Candle Light. Going through the dark tunnels of life and of this world, you're gonna need a light to keep you warm, and guide you through the Night.

Back to our current state of global affairs, a virus pandemic is causing worldwide scare, death toll keeps rising, paying a heavy toll, and through it all, this is what we're measured for, or is it measured by, or maybe, it's both.  Can we withstand the hardships without losing our dignity? our humility? our sanity? Our Humanity ???

Maybe the Universe teaching us to disconnect from technology (Ironic, since you're using technology to read this, and I used it to compose ), and reconnect with our Family. Our family are those that mean the most in our H-E-A-R-T... 

Maybe, the Universe teaching us to re-examine our values, to pause and ponder, what's this all about? Maybe it's making us have to face ourselves in the mirror, and make peace with mistakes in the past, and to finally move past, and make a pledge to do better, become wiser yet more humble, and not to take for granted this thing we call LIFE..... 

Self-isolation, for many is not even voluntary, for them it's a quarantine on the daily. Dark forces in the world constantly conspire, but God is Almighty and Higher, so those negative forces can keep plotting and planning, and try to enslave the whole of Humanity, and they can only do so if we, if we all lose Faith, give up Hope and neglect our Spirituality. 

Don't worry, I get it, we've gotten so used to having our attention 'Out There'... but Now, now Mother Gaia is asking us, to bring our focus 'to and from Within'. . .

We're so used to distractions, and now, finally, Mother Gaia has given us a serious Wake Up Call.... jus' sayin'.... 

No matter what, I hope you heed this important note: 

Take your vitamins, folks. 

Pray (or not, no one's forcing you). But do so genuinely, with hope, with faith, with spirituality. And --can't believe I gotta say this-- Wash Yo' Hands. And for the love of God,

Let's Not, not Now, not ever, Let's Never Lose Hope. Because Hope is what help us cope. 


over..n' -----OUT

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Use this time constructively, focus on your mental/spiritual/physical health and well-being, be kind be compassionate be caring towards others, go out on your porch or balcony or backyard and take long deep breaths, this is Mother Gaia pleading with humanity for healing and ascension. Take this time to disconnect from materialism, egoism, vanity, and superficiality. Come home to your Higher Self, channel Cosmic Awareness and Be One with Universal Love Consciousness.

One Love. Rise Above the Frequency of Fear.